DeMarini 2013 M2M BBCOR Baseball Bat



Two 5-star reviews and $150 price at here:

Two 5-star reviews and $250 price at Dick’s here:
(or type 12806085 into search bar at the popular sporting goods site that has a name that I can’t post)

Info from DeMarini here:


Woot Price Drop

Last time on Woot (11/27) priced at $129.99 + $5 shipping


May a 63 year old make an observation? What’s up with $100 bats? GDP deflator index for 1955 was 16.5, now its 115.8.

115.8/16.5 = 7.0
$100/7.0 = $14.25

I seem to remember bats costing $4-5, so a Louiville Slugger should cost $35 in 2012 dollars.

Strike three.


Well you’re not comparing apples to apples since this is a metallic alloy. In fact, woot had a louisvill slugger wood bat for 20$, so in a way it’s under inflation. Typical retail price for ash wood bats are $40-$50.


I’ll only play with wood bats these days, and if you don’t mind them being ugly, you can get ten of 'em for 75 bucks. Metal bats just don’t feel like baseball anymore.