DeMarini Bat Bags (8 Colors)

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DeMarini Bat Bags (8 Colors)
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Breed bats. They eat mosquitos!

4 bats might be pretty heavy… Does the bag have wheels that maybe got left off in the description?

The average softball bat is around 27oz…so 4 would be less than 7 lbs…not to heavy I would think…I do prefer the back pack bat bags over these though.

Am I crazy or is it insane how every kids sport now requires a specialized bag? When I was a kid (I know, get off my lawn), we had a team bag with about 8-10 bats, 4-5 helmets in it, a and a catchers mitt and gear, along with a bucket of balls. Now, every kid on my son’s team has a backpack w “special” pockets for their own damn $200-$300 bats and own helmet and glove. We also now have to drive 2-3 hours at times for grand tournaments as if it is the GD World Series. I question my own sanity for not getting off the bus.

These are handy for lugging around your BDSM gear.

Will my tower paddle board fit in here?

I bought this last time around and have been using it for softball since the spring. It’s a great bag.

The bats alone won’t make it too heavy (I have 3).

No wheels, but the straps are big enough so you can wear it like a backpack.

How about Nerf sword storage? Or do I need to buy a dedicated bag for that?

I wouldn’t put my bait in this

Looks like a good bag, but I would prefer one with wheels. I may still get this. I like the orange color, and where all the pockets appear to be located in the image. Shoe/cleat slot on top much better than on bottom as my current bag.

You absolutely need a dedicated bag for that.