Deni 12” Circular Grill

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Deni 12" Circular Grill
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Where do the headphones plug in?

Nope I don’t want deni.

This thing would be useful in a dorm…

How’s this for a cookin’ bacon. Seriously.

Nice of Woot to print out the instruction book so we can get some recipe ideas…

I can’t believe they are $35 - $50+ on Amazon

If my kitchen wasn’t already too cluttered, I’d be all over that!

These really are cute.

those folks in Michigan have no clue that you can barley fit a grilled cheese sandwich in this thing…

How many USB ports does this come with?

I bought the red one for myself, and got a couple extra’s to give as gifts. I don’t know about you guys but sometimes when I cook i need an extra place to keep certain things warm while I finish other parts. This is perfect for someone with limited stovetop space :3

( ● Y ● ) ó¿ò¬

All Wooted out and nothing to show for it. Not a good Wootoff, Sorry, Amazon… But it ain’t the same… Good night from S. Florida.

Anyone know if this takes 220V in europe?

I disagree, if they are indeed 12" in diameter then picture a 9" pie plate and add 3 inches. It should be large enough to fit a single grilled cheese easily, and I imagine it should fit 3 burgers of portion size quite comfortably as well.

Chinese Auction gifts.
Got 2.

$30-$45 on the internets.

Damn, while waiting for my Ooma, I got sucked into something else… I tried so hard… Fought the urge so much, but 36 hours in, I had to hit that stupidly large button!

$15 (after shipping). If it’s no good, no big loss.