Deni 12” Circular Grill

In for 1. Missed this last time around, glad I stayed up so late on the east coast.

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Deni 12" Circular Grill
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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You wont be sad you got this one sephiroth. I have one of these at work and I love it! I also just sold my second one to a friend for 25 dollars, I’m in for 3 more. All Red!

In for one as well. Doesn’t hurt to use one of my free shipping coupon codes from deals.woot too. Thanks Woot!

“The removable grilling surface doubles as a serving dish, keeping food hot or warm at the table”

That’s actually a neat idea.

@ 1300 watts though, too much power for my little kitchen. I’ve tripped my circuits with a Foreman Grill.

in for one - stir fry!

Finally I can stop bothering my dad for his George Forman grill he is so totalitarian about. w00t helping me live without a kitchen <3 :slight_smile:

I’m curious about this grease collection container that is mentioned, I don’t see one. Can someone who has one let me know what that is? Or how you get grease out, just pour? Unless it seals, that looks a bit bad since the lip appears to be on the outer container, not the inner cooking container.

this code still available?

Hey got a quick question I don’t want to bug the guys at deals.woot about. Around lunchtime when we get our T-shirt reckoning, they advertise the shirts as 5 dollars off. and they are still $10.

Isn’t that the normal price? Am I missing something?

I got one last time and am debating picking up a couple for gifts. In the description it mentions a grease collection container. I don’t see anything of the sort in the box.

Only the first day a shirt is offered is it $10. To buy ones on the Reckoning, it is normally $15.00.

good, keep up the good vibe so more people buy this thing and we can move on !!

I got one last time around and discovered that it doesn’t have the Built-in spout for easy pouring or Grease collection container. That’s a different model. I complained about it before, but they haven’t changed the description. Fair warning to you buyers! Cooking hamburgers in this thing results in a pool of grease…

Diagram doesn’t so much either. I am guessing it’s below the grill.

Thanks! I knew it would be an easy answer

4.9/5 (based on 35 reviews) on QVC.

In for 3

If there is a grease collector on this, I haven’t found it. I just wipe up with a few big paper towels/sponge

And that means I won’t be buying it. Yuck. Thanks for the answer.