Deni 12” Circular Grill

Page 4 indicates a “drip tray”, it can even be part of the actual grill, the outer housing even. I am sure it is easy to clean

“note: this appliance can be completely immersed in water”

also promising, ofcourse not the cables :stuck_out_tongue:

Picked up two more. You need a Foreman type with a grease container. This is for different frying applications.

I wonder how much bacon could be fried at one time in this?

no, come on buy it. It’s really nice . . . It’s red !!

This site will be the death of me. In 1 of another thing i hopefully will use.

Oh well, looks like I will have to pour it out straight from the grill :p… eek

Better than a microwave at this point

my thoughts exactly as i started looking at it, thanks for confirming.

Get your oven mits ready to pour all the grease in your pomade jars

does anyone use this as a not-so-deep fat fryer?

red are sold out. NOW WHAT?!

buy the platinum, That’s the one I sold my friend for 25 dollars. YOU’RE GETTING A BARGAIN AT 15!

I use these for grilled ham and cheese sandviches at work and it works amazing. I love having a hot lunch that cost me <$1 for a couple hot sandies. Like I said cleanup is a breeze with a few paper towels, detail rag, or whatever I have handy.

At this price, I’m going to try it out. Hopefully it works well to grill a steak every once in a while here in the Barracks.

No, the code was sent out several months ago. If you had earned the use of the code, it would have been emailed to you. The code won’t work unless it has been enabled for your account. Sorry.

NP, thanks for even replying :slight_smile:

NP, thanks for even replying :slight_smile:

Got 3 - one for the college kid and keep rest as gifts.
Great for small living spaces and no worries about grease if you grill up some veggies, cook sandwiches and lean meats. Certainly no worse than a regular fry pan.