Anyone ever not had a woot go through because of an address problem? that is my only guess because my credit card has a full balance and i tried my debit too and that didnt work. What do i do? I want today’s woot!

I would say email but that won’t be answered until Monday. You’re better off posting it in the World of Woot than here though.

Just did that thanks a bunch i thought of that after i posted this one

set up a paypal account attached to that credit card.

i dont think thats the problem I think it has to do with my address because i am on the purdue campus

Does your address look like a PO Box address. I don’t think they ship to PO Boxes.

I’ve shipped stuff to a PO Box. College addresses too. Mostly tee shirts. Don’t think I ever sent a big box from woot.

Oh. Nevermind.

it just an apt number and a dorm room but i am not sure what would affect it someone said it might be the weather… does that really affect my order? lol

Are you in Wiley Hall? That place was weird, like an alternate reality. That might be it :wink:

Purdue S’92…

LOL yeah i rep Wiley proudly maybe i will try sending it to a friend… did you really have problems with wiley

Lived bottom floor, “under” Tarkington hall on the left wing. In the hallway that went nowhere and had a door to it. Lotta crazy stuff happened back there when the door closed… :wink: But no, I can’t see Woot failing to send something to a dorm as I assume that over 30% of their buying audience are on college campuses. The only think that might happen is if the billing address for the credit card didn’t match what you had down… sometimes it’s as simple as something slightly different (like omission of dorm number on one of the two). But yes, try shipping to someone nearby campus- they allow that and I’ve done that several times when I wanted something shipped to another person as a gift.