Denier-Handal Dry Creek Valley Red (4)

YES! In for 3!! Makes up for missing the zin last night at 12:00

[previous sale](2011 Denier-Handal Limited Release Red Wine Blend, Family Selection) with additional links

Coincidentally, we opened a bottle of this on Wednesday night. We were surprised at how hot the alcohol was. I don’t remember that being the case in other bottles we’ve opened.

That said, I think I’ll pick up a set and put them aside for a while. Because of this. Though that was supposed to be the last chance. I guess it was the penultimate chance?

I’m pretty sure there wasn’t supposed to be much of this left?

It’s a great wine with a ton of flavor. The syrah is savory and the blend brings a lot of fruit and spice as well!

Hmmm… that is odd. We found that it hid the alcohol pretty well! Hopefully, it was an unusual bottle!

Yeah, I hope so, since I did just spring for another 4 bottles!

All this chatter and I had to go find a bottle.

PnP plenty of fruit from a few feet away. Spicy and some heat on entry, a bit tart too, so thinking the TA is adequate despite the higher pH. That 3% PS sure seems apparent. Spice lingers in the finish with medium- tannins.

Drinks easily solo but seems like it would stand up to robust foods as well.

Don’t need four more, but could split with SoCal.

Haha too bad I’ve already opened a bottle tonight! I want one now too!

Yeah, and I also went in for four more. I need some self control.

+1 on both

One of the many bottles opened and enjoyed yesterday at our Thanksgiving feast. Glad for the opportunity to re-stock.