Denier-Handal Petite Sirah (3)

Denier-Handal Alexander Valley Petite Sirah Vertical 3-Pack
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
$64.99 $123.00 47% off List Price
2011 Petite Sirah, Denier Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley
2012 Petite Sirah, Denier Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley
2013 Petite Sirah, Venturi Family Vineyard, Calpella, Mendocino County

I have the '11 & '12.
What’s going on with the '13? Why use someone else’s fruit?

Only missing a 2010 and I’d have a five year vertical. In for three.

SWMBO:“What’s in that box Honey?”
Me:“Oh just some more Denier-Handal PS.”
SWMBO:“You did buy the maximum, didn’t you?”
Me: “Of course”

I’ve had the 2011 D-H Petite Sirah recently and I feel that it’s consistent with what Peter Wellington brings to the table… great value. I like a chewy tannic, tobacco-y, dark fruit (blackberry), deep purple wine. The '11 seems to have plenty of time before the cork needs to be popped. I found that it needed some time to open up… and I’m kind of weird since I like a tannic pour. I was worried that, at 15.4%, I was going to get that alcohol push. I didn’t sense it, which was impressive. My wife said that she did, just a little bit. I wasn’t sure how the finish was going to be, but I found it to be sturdy and medium. Now I’m curious to see how that '13 compares, so I’m in for a set.

Got my golden ticket, so I’m a (not so) grape debater…

Confession: PS is not typically my bottle of choice, in fact I can’t say I’ve purchased a bottle of it unless part of a bigger package.

I did open this (2012) last night and did some tasting at bottle opening, 30min of breathing and again after an hour. This definitely needs air time. First and even second tastes were rather sharp on my tongue and a bit hard to enjoy. After an hour, it opened up a bit and I had a light fruit forward taste, finishing up with a peppery and slight smoke taste at the back end.

Tonight I plan to pair it with dinner, which should be some steak, potatoes and veggies. More to come…

Which vintage?

Is this the only 2013 that was made? Or was there also the home vineyard Alexander Valley version?

This is the only 2013. Get it while you can!

I think as far as QPR, this is an intriguing 2/3 vertical; with all three having the potential for excellent age ability (for those who have the room!). Note the Ventura Family ('13) is similar in soil (comparing to Handal Family site) with just a touch more zin added.
Very interesting offer - WD has done it again!

You delivered some of the '13 from wotmc to me. You didn’t keep any?!

No. I took some '12s.

Edit: I think Klez got the '13’s through LAwineCo.

While the wine offered here is great and I love supporting peters efforts, all these wines hit the close out market in 2015. Most of the frequent SoCal folks picked these up for around $10. Those vendors sold through the whole lot rather quickly.

Edited the OP, but mine is the 2012.

Seeing as how the 09 was 96 cases & DH has been consistent in production, there likely isn’t more than a 150 cases of anyone one year. If I’m not mistake DH is only available via Wellington & the occasional Woot.

I too was the recipient of a golden ticket. The bottle (2013 Denier-Handel Petite Sirah) arrived Wednesday. It was a long trip from Sonoma County to Temecula, and then up to Big Bear Lake where we’re celebrating Independence Day. The bottle rested for a little while, and I hope the contents weren’t “shocked” by the travel.
Popping the cork revealed a dark hue on the bottom of the cork itself, which I took as a good omen. First nose in the bottle revealed some alcohol - kind of expected at 15.1%. First pour showed deep purple color and LEGS on the glass. Swirl, sniff - again, some alcohol but dark fruit as well. Plums, black cherry perhaps? Then the first sip: yes, definitely black cherry. As the other two Grape Debaters noted, a lot of tannins in this; DW said “not a fan” because of the perceived astringency. I let the wine sit for a little bit and it definitely was opening up. More nuanced flavors started coming out as time passed. This one is going to need some time to open up, but I think as a young PS that’s to be expected? Definitely a loooong finish on this as well.
I’ll pour some more a little later on (8AM PDT is a little early to start, dontcha think?) and check back in.

Is it?

that’s what you would think, but between myself and other local socal wooters multiple cases of these wines were purchased from close out vendors. Wine of the month club and LA Wine Co.

All three wines still have a long life ahead of them. The grape itself, the tannins and the careful winemaking guarantee that.

That’s the way to taste it.