Denier-Handal Petite Sirah (3)

Denier-Handal Alexander Valley 2009 Petite Sirah 3-Pack
$89.99 (Normally $146.30) 38% off List Price
2009 Denier-Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley Petite Sirah
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Quick notes before bed:

Nose: dark (black)fruits, a hint of anise and clove

Palate: Very purple. Full flavored, mouth filling plum/ blackberry/ blueberry range. Balanced light oak

This was one of my favorites from the WCC Halloween tasting.

Cheers and goodnight!

This tooth staining PS was the star of SoCal #22. Dark ripe tart fruit, chocolate and a long integrated finish. Got four @ $29 earlier, but with Peter involved, may just have to add a few more.

The $13-$20 range is still my sweet spot.
So I say nope on this. Even if it is excellent.

Had this at the WCC Hallowoot party. Notes from a few hours post-opening, no decant say that it’s a fairly restrained nose, but with some blackberry and woodiness. The flavours were nice, integrated, and surprisingly complete for a PS this young. Bright acidity, nicely tannic, and overall my favourite of all the H-D wines I’ve yet tried.

I also was fortunate enough to sneak away with the remains of the bottle for sampling on day 2. At that point I thought there was significantly more blackberry and smoky notes emerged. I also found it to be more astringent on day 2, so I suppose it will get more interesting with a bit more age and it’s got plenty of life. One for drinking now or later, as you wish.

always a favorite in our house.

Yes, what will our celebration be when he hits 1K? A free bottle of wine?

Looks like Sparky got his before posting his tasting notes! See where his priorities lie?

Personally, I’d be up for taking a single bottle off somebody’s hands. Too much $ and too little space to get a whole set for me.

Firstly, this is fantastic wine - I recommended it last time it was on sale and absolutely would again.

I’m a bit confused why the price has risen. 2 for $52 seven months ago, now 3 for $90? Again, I think the wine is a good purchase at this price. I was surprised to see it here again given the limited case production.

If the winery is here - any chance we see you at D & D 2012?

Harder to get good wine deals due to wine prices stabilizing, and I think the Amazon mothership is eating a bit more into the WW/WCC kitty so the deals can’t be quite as awesome as they used to be. Sad, but c’est la vie.

Come to the Dark Side … we have cookies!!!

We had this Saturday at the SoCal Gathering, and I think everyone agreed it was the best wine opened (although the Corison was very nice).

More when I find my tasting notebook.

Edit: See Klez’s notes above. I just wish he’d stop copying my notes! :wink:

I was not able to make it to the WCC event, but I did get to try this wine at the D&D BBQ in August. I really enjoyed the wine and it stood out among many other great PETs. I will be adding this to my cellar.

You better get some of your own … cause this is one I’m not sharing with you. :tongue:

Dang it! If you’re going to read my notes and post them … :wink:

But basically what Klez said for the Saturday group. Very nice on opening for such a young wine. Normally you should wait 4 to 5 years after vintage before opening a PS (infanticide per PetiteSirah), but this one was very nice on opening. Not too tannic.

I was surprised I was First Sucker! Even with changing the shipping address to the Irvine Wine Locker. I think PetiteSirah was worn out from berating the SF Giants yesterday. :wink:

But yes, if it’s PS, I’m in before all else!!! :tongue:

They were in a Woot-Off on 3/22/12 as well.

You’re late!!! I already responded using Klez’s notes! :tongue:

Besides, it was PS!!! I was in the throes of Ecstasy!!!


Edit: Now if I only had a beautiful assistant to help me! :wink:

Hey wooters! Long time reader/ long time woot cellars buyer/ first time poster.

I went to the Hallowoot event last week and it was fabulous! Great people, and no one seemed to judge my novice palate, or my tipsy fiance. :wink:

For this Petite Sirah, I remember it being quite nice and flavorful, but a little too intense for me for an instabuy (I am more of a Pinot type of guy). I remember the body tasting of a combination of the bitter part of dark chocolate, the fruity/aftertaste of a raspberry, and maybe red currents.

My notes read: “intense, long ride, consistent flavor throughout, velvety, will improve greatly over time.”

If this is your bag of tea, you will enjoy!