Denier-Handal Vineyard Zinfandel (4)

2009 Denier-Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley Zinfandel 4-Pack
Sold by: Wellington Vineyards
$49.99 $123.00 59% off List Price
2009 Denier-Handal Vineyard, Alexander Valley Zinfandel

Great start for a wine woot-off. I managed to rouse myself from my turkey-induced stupor in time to be first sucker!

Love this zin. Still going strong. No recent notes, but here’s one from 2013:7/22/2013 -
Fruit forward, but in a balanced and restrained way. My typical taste leans toward dry creek zinfandel with more bramble and spice, but this wine makes me want to branch out a bit. Quite enjoyable.

I like that it’s an older vintage but I have been finding more recent vintages of the cab, ps and blend at deep discounters locally at a bit lower than this. I hope woot got its hands on older vintages across the board from DH. Might be tough to pass up.

~$12.50/btl great price,
if only I wasn’t sitting on over a half case already…

NOOOOOOOOO!!! Why did I have to miss this?!!!?!??

We loved this from a prior offering. So sorry I missed it

So the case of Denier Handal Zin I bought from the black Friday woot-off just showed up. I thought I was buying the 2009 vintage (as advertised) but the wine is 2012.I loved the '09 and would not have gone in for a full case of the '12 untasted.

What’s up with that?

Bummer! I sent a note to WD to see if he has any ideas.

a nice beefy coupon usually goes a long way…

So am I a one-off here or did other get '12s also?

Ha! You assume I have any power. And you know what they say about assume…

I may have been “first sucker” on this one, but I seem to be among the “last delivered”. No delivery date showing (though the other D-H Wootoff order, that was shipped at the same date and time, got here already).

Whenever FedEx gets around to dropping it off here, I’ll let you know which vintage I received.

Mine finally arrived yesterday, I found it in my office when I got to work this morning. Like you, I received the '12, rather than the '09.

Have you received any response from Woot support, or WineDavid, or anyone?

Yes Caleb from Woot support got back with me today. They gave me two choices: refund OR they would try to track down some '09s to send. I asked them to try to find the '09s. They will refund me if they cannot be found. Either way, the '12s are mine to keep so I can’t complain about that.

That sounds fair, I would be happy with a similar resolution. Haven’t heard from anyone Woot yet, but having heard from you, I’m content to sit tight and see what develops.

So, I got a reply yesterday morning, letting me know that my issue had been forwarded to the wine department. But since then, nada.

I haven’t received any updates. Not worried about it though, Woot always (slowly) makes things right. In the meantime, looking forward to trying the 2012 Zin. I saw it won best in class zin under $30 at the San Fran wine competition.

That’s nice to hear!

I got a response from Caleb this afternoon, similar to the one you got. Curious to find out whether there’s any of the 2009 to be had. Also, I can’t help but wonder how many other people were affected by this.