Dennen Vacationer California Rosé (12)

Dennen Vacationer California Rosé 12-Pack Case
Sold by: JW Thomas Wines
$79.99 $216.00 63% off List Price
2015 Dennen Vacationer California Rosé

Is this any good?
I see international mystery chip’s notes but they don’t really say buy this wine.

He talked it up a few days ago on what are you drinking thread. I’m really tempted at the t his price point!

Can you post some recent tasting notes? Always looking for pool worthy low priced whites and roses

Great QPR in fact I just bought 6 of the 2016 vintage from Invino for $10 apiece (and re-upped on this deal since I’m already down to 4 bottles from the first case).

Nice, easy drinking wine. I poured this at a fundraiser last week and it had enough RS (4%) to satisfy the sweet wine drinkers while not being overly sweet for those who prefer dry wines. Got lots of compliments on it, in fact a lady who owns a local grocery took home an empty bottle to check availability with her distributors.

80% Tempranillo, 15% Syrah and 5% Tannat. Dusty cherry and cola notes with some pepper that carries through the finish. Not a fruit bomb at all. I think the restrained palate and spice note offset the RS somewhat.

Refreshing and quaffable. Great patio pounder, especially at $7 apiece delivered.

It also turned me onto the music of Brett Dennen, a musician who hasn’t achieved quite the level of popularity that some have who were influenced by him.


EDIT to add that I popped another one - still getting dusty cherry, cola but with the addition of some citrus zest. Black pepper note runs from the mid-palate through the finish.

The wine does seem to get sweeter as it warms in the glass so try to drink at optimum temperature - probably 50°- 55°F. Although, for those who prefer sweeter wines they may like the candied quality that results from letting the wine warm up a little.

Absolutely echo Chipgreens comments. This is a true steal at $7. Love that term patio pounder but in this case I think it goes beyond that. And I agree temperature served is relatively important with this one. Decently chilled it tends more to dryness with just enough fruit to make it food friendly and drinkable on its own. If on the other hand you are looking for something on the floral fruity side you might be somewhat disappointed. I think the somewhat dusty decription is a good one but in certainly in a positive way.

Was kind of on the fence simply because summer is fading away here in Chicago but I can always look forward to Indian summer in September I guess. In for one.

FANTASTIC QUOTE!!! I hope that you enjoy our Rose!!!

It’s a really easy drinking, dry rose that has just a kiss of sweetness so it still pairs well with spicy dishes. I’m the vintner behind this wine and founder of the winery so my opinion is clearly a bit biased. But it’s a killer deal on a wine that people love from coast to coast.

As the vintner behind this project and co founder of the winery, I’d have to say that I think it’s a GREAT buy at this price. People LOVE it at full price from coast to coast and it’s fantastic with food… I hope you enjoy!!!

WHAT A FANTASTIC REPLY and thank you so much for the kind words and link to Brett’s music. My name is Ian and I’m the co-founder of the winery and vintner behind this project and you just made my day. THANK YOU!

THANK YOU!!! We love making this wine and it is a great patio pounder… and while summer may be fading, this wine pairs perfectly with spicy foods so is great to keep around as fall comes and some of the more spicy seasonal dishes start making their way to tables.

Thanks again!!!

OK you got me, thanks for the participation. Here in Sunny SoCal, plenty of time left to Kill a case!!

Last Wooter to Woot: PLSemenza

Hi Ian,
thanks for your participation and for working with WineDavid to bring us this offer.

Definitely a project to be proud of with a really tasty and interesting wine (not sure if I have ever had a Rose of Tempranillo before) and a passionate artist who has obviously put his heart into this, not just given permission to stamp his name on a label. I noticed that Brett Dennen is even calling his tour the “Vacationer Tour” with all the venues being in resort type areas. Just wish Ohio had made the cut, maybe next time!

Would love to see a Charismatic Fool offer here, although I realize that is probably a pipe dream given the recent exposure it has gotten with a 91 rating from Wine Spectator.

Still, just thought I’d throw that out there… :slight_smile:

Thanks again and cheers!