Denon 5.1 3D Pass Through Home Theater A/V Receiver

Pretty good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at and check out the product page

No ARC according to the product page. That’s pretty important if you use apps/USB/DLNA on your TV, right?

Yeah doesn’t seem to have audio return. Amazing oversight considering the selling point is 3D passthrough (most 3D TV’s are smart TV’s)

Explains why it’s $100 bucks. Denon makes great receivers though, even at the low end.

Just run a optical cable from Tv will do just fine :slight_smile:

I don’t need an AVR but this would have been a deal I’d have jumped on.

Does anyone know if I can use the analog DVD input on this receiver for my Numark mixer (contains 2 phono and 3 line inputs/outputs, so I’m presuming it serves as a turntable preamp), so I can use my Technics turntables connected to the Numark with this? Thanks!

Any analog input on a receiver will work with anything that is designed to be fed into a line input; that said, monitor the levels provided by the output from your Numark mixer. It’s powerful enough to drive a power amp and you could over drive the signal into the Denon. Wouldn’t harm much, but the sound would be rough. I’d avoid using the EQ on the mixer, should there be one. Find a maximum level on the mixer & use the receiver’s volume and tone controls to rock the house.

No airplay on this model or I would have been in for one- I need a receiver for the garage, but I want it to hook into my whole house airplay setup.

Denon manuals are terrible. Thankfully, batpig is here!


Actually I have two Numark mixers, one’s an oldie but goodie, and does have an EQ, which I only use when necessary to correct audio sound, but I keep both the L and R Master Volumes at 7 out of 10 and let my receiver do the rest.

I also have a Numark digital 2-CD player unit with the main Numark mixing console that I haven’t even hooked up yet. I’m not even sure what connectors are on the back of that, other than I’m pretty sure it’s a digital connection w/option for analog hookup.

Thought this was doable. Thanks for the advice!

Hey gang - relatively clueless with audio. I just purchased a home that has 2 speakers installed in the ceilings (living room and kitchen) and two, cheap outdoor speakers. I’m looking for a receiver to operate them as well as operate a home entertainment system (I do not have one yet). The last thing I want to be able to do is stream wirelessly via either bluetooth or wireless internet to play music from my phone to receiver through speakers. Does this Receiver do this? If not, would it at least do the first part (play my speakers)? I posted a photo on a dropbox account if you need to see them - thanks!! Don’t scoff at how clueless i am lol Dropbox - File Deleted

$228.00 on Amazon, so seems like a great deal. I’m not in the market, but I’d probably jump on this if I needed an AVR.

Also following up, since i’m reading some of you guru’s saying “no airplay” I assume that’s wireless streaming…That said…can any of you guys recommend a good, affordable, airplay or Bluetooth receiver. As you can tell - I’m not an audiophile so it doesn’t need to be cream of the crop - thanks!

Just to be fair, per Denon:

“This product is no longer manufactured. The replacement is the AVR-E200.”

and the Amazon for the E200 (new) is $160. This should be the comparison price.

what is implication of not having ARC? I am planning on also using this to expand the hdmi ports on my tv, e.g roku and chromecast, thwill this work?

This is exactly what I’ve been waiting for…thanks woot! SOLD

I bought this last time it was up. My first thought is I love it! I soon discovered that I had, and still do, an issue that Denon is calling “audio drop outs”. The sound drops out from a split second up to 5 seconds while watching TV or listening to the tuner and also during DVDs. Everything is great except for this incredibly annoying problem. Denon gave instructions to try and fix it, basically unplug and plug back in, only in a certain sequence. I haven’t been able to try it yet because I need help moving my entertainment center out to get to all the cables and plugs. Hoping today. Seems odd that I also purchased the square trade deal with this purchase, first time I’ve done that. And I’ve bought many refurbs from Woot. I hope I can report back before this sale is over.

I purchased this in a previous woot. I mentioned then (but still bought it) that the analog video port is a stretch to its audio. I purchased the unit anyway and received it from Woot. It’s nice, and lighter in weight than the Sony I replaced. The sound quality feels more crisp than the replacement unit. I haven’t had much problems- HDMI makes things much easier to set up than multiple cables.

Things I’d like better: Ability to rename display. Probably not so keen on the onscreen volume display. (I might be able to fix this, or not…) And probably that the sound increments are useless at the granularity provided. (This is a personal peeve. You may not care.) What it means in practical terms: you may hit the up or down volume and the sound increments in 0.5 units. That is good in fine-tune mode but you might be chasing volume on a remote (press and hold volume instead of tap) until you get where you want.

It’s pretty, it works, it’s a good price, and the Wife Acceptance Factor is likely high, if you need a receiver.

This is not a WIFI network receiver. However, I have a Roku which suffices for Pandora when needed.

Should you buy it? This is a decent enough get-your-foot-in-the-door entry level piece.
If you need more HDMI, you may want to look elsewhere or consider an HDMI splitter for game systems, for example.

Expected HDMI in: Cable/Sat, Blu-Ray, Game.

You might also have: Roku, and additional HDMI game system. Note that the XBox One has HDMI pass-through, but may need to be on for that to work. However, that does provide for an extra HDMI device.

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Denon 5.1 3D Pass Through Home Theater A/V Receiver
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