Denon 5.1 A/V Receiver or AudioSource 160W Soundbar

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Denon 5.1 A/V Receiver or AudioSource 160W Soundbar
Price: $99.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 1-2 business days (Monday, May 19 to Tuesday, May 20) + transit
Condition: New


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Very good reviews (4.5 out of 5.0) over at and check out for a really close picture of the back inputs

I have the 1613 and love it.

I word of warning. This unit, I don’t believe, can upgrade its firmware.

They just released a patch for the other units that fixed a issue with Dolby+ Encoding that netflix was using. If this hasnt been fixed on this model then you may experience some sound crackles when watching Dolby+ content.

does this support 120 fps pass through for frame sequential 3d?

This might be just what I want. Hope to see some good comments from the Woot army! Just looking for a simple receiver for a bedroom TV. Only need to hook up the TV (of course), cable box, and a dvd/cd player. Anyone see issues I might get from this?

Denon refurb? Are their refurbs any good? Sounds like a risk.

Those video in composite are quite the distance from the audio in. I guess it could reach but if the strain relief is too close, it might be problematic with some RCA connections.

With “not enough HDMI”, a bonus might be that Xbox One has HDMI pass through (though people have complained that you actually have to have the Xbox One powered on to see TV passed through HDMI.)

My personal hangup would be the limited HDMI:
Cable, Roku, Blu-ray, Game1, Game2

I suppose I could swap connections for game systems.

I initially thought the same, however, my receiver has no HDMI ports at all, and my TV only has 2. So this will be a worthy upgrade from that Kenwood VR357 I am hoping.

$100 for a Denon receiver that has current technology? WTF.

Denon? Don’t they make cables?

I bought a Denon refurb right here on woot two years ago and have been thrilled with it. Worth the risk!

Does this convert between the digital/analog signals. e.g. Can I plug in hdmi components and output via analog?

Got mine fast, hooked it up in a matter of minutes, love it! I know it’s a refurb, but this was a great deal! It looks good, easy hook up, and it sounds great. Who says good deals don’t exist on Woot anymore?! Found one! And now, back to the music.

Got notified today that mine will be delayed due to train derailment. WTF?! Woot, what happens if my package severely delayed or damaged? Pretty bummed about this since was expecting it for the weekend :-/

My love for this has quickly changed to bleep. Everything is choppy. TV, radio, cd so far. Called Denon but I’ll to wait until Tuesday due to Memorial Day. Anyone have an idea what might be wrong or a way to stop it? I was so happy to finally have everything connected and working then it crapped on my good time.

Bob, hope that works out for you. I know Denon is a good brand so I hope your experience is isolated. For me though, if my package is even slightly damaged i plan to return the shipment (look at my previous post).

Sorry to hear that you’re experiencing problems with your purchase.

If you’re unsuccessful at finding assistance with Denon please email into and let them know.

Well just going to put out an update on this purchase. This unit doesn’t get much use, since it’s in media room I honestly don’t have much time to use. But I’ve noticed that i have to restart the receiver MULTIPLE times before i get a picture. The sound works fine, but i have to plug/unplug the unit many many times for it to have a picture. Will be contacting Denon hoping for a replacement.