Denon AVR-S530BT AV Ultra HD 4K Receiver

Spring clip speaker connectors are really, really sad.

This is just about the lowest priced AVR available anywhere. At this price point, spring clip connectors are perfectly acceptable.

This is an awesome deal for someone wanting to get started with a home theater system. Buy this, and a 5.1 set of decent speakers, and it will blow even the most expensive sound bars away.

This is a great receiver for the price. Really pleased.–Mike

BEWARE. The package arrived quickly containing everything listed on the “refurbishment checklist” – except for the manual. The unit appears to be in pristine condition and I can go online for support information. However I would like a copy of the manual to have in my living room drawer in case I need to make a quick operational reference and was told that, despite what the printed refurbishment checklist says, Denon does not supply printed manuals with refurbished equipment AND Woot is not an “authorized dealer” anyway, so I can’t expect to get any kind of support that might be supplied to “authorized” purchasers of Denon refurbished equipment. Sounds like the “one year warranty” advertised on the Woot site for this item may not be real. CAVEAT EMPTOR.

Sorry about that!

Here’s a link to the online user’s manual, and you can download a PDF of it from the bottom of the product info page here. Hope that helps!

Also, regarding the warranty, if you have any problems with Denon honoring it, please contact us immediately to let us know. We work with distributors who pass along items to us, including the warranties, so if the warranty were to be invalidated for some reason, we would need to know so that we can get an answer and a resolution from our distributor.

In the meantime, please rest assured that the warranty is real and valid.