Denon AVRX1400H 7.2 Channel AV Receiver with HEOS

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Denon AVRX1400H 7.2 Channel AV Receiver with HEOS
Price: $329.99
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If you bought the Marantz (like you should’ve) you made a really good choice because the extra $Bone you spent on the Marantz got you so many more nicer things.

I have this unit. Paid $379 for it so in that aspect it’s a deal. It works great, but whoever designed the UI was someone that did not get the job at Onkyo (i.e, it’s kind of horrendous).

My chief complaint is that when I turn it on, it overlays the screen with what source it is using and won’t go away until I hit ‘ok’ on the remote. Alright, maybe it would go away eventually, but it’s annoying. Once in awhile it will also overlay the screen about downloading the app for streaming…etc. I seriously don’t need constant reminders for this. Again, must navigate the remote to turn that off.

Ouch, thanks for the warning.

That a company would willingly build a UI like that shows such incredible cluelessness.

…so every single time you use their AVR you will curse it. Great way to build brand loyalty.

That might be, but Marantz and Denon have been sister brands under the same company for over 15 years, along with Boston Acoustics.

So it is hard to imagine they don’t leverage technology and guts between brands. It would be financially silly not to do some sharing, if not a lot.

More recently they joined with Polk Audio and Definite Technology.

People still buy this crap? So 1980’s.

I guess you have a crappy Home Entertainment setup…

Yeah, It’ll never match watching movies on a phone.

Compared to what? Some junky sound bar with a sub? You want quality audio you need a AVR. My audio in my home sounds like a movie theater. Soundbars are complete junk

Mine arrived this morning and just finished setup. Odd seeing mail trucks deliver things on Sundays, but that’s not a complaint.

Displays status of operation temporarily when the input source is
(Default): Turn display on.
Off: Turn display off.

lol, I don’t have a soundbar.

Which model Marantz do you suggest, compared to this Denon?


As someone who bought said Marantz last week and was looking at both brands after my 6 year old Onkyo woot deal receiver blew out, this makes me really happy reading.

That said, the Denon still looks pretty great for its specs and pricing, but the Marantz definitely has a step above them in sound from what I’ve heard so far.

This deal will not be available…I bought a Denon 4400 for $899 open box with a $90 coupon code additional discount…no tax …no shipping about a month ago…so 809…

Just could not say no to that product and that price…Need to get to full HD compatibility on my home system…

I would recommend a power protecter/power smoother to give you the best protection and cleanest power for the least “noise” possible…

When you spend serious money on your LG OLED…AVR…Speakers etc…best to make it as clean and protected as possible…

PS…Just a beautiful picture…An INTEL NUC with 6000 series graphics or above…a fire Box for “additional” streaming…and some kind of NAS (Drobo is the easiest on maintenance)

Just some suggestions…

Or as somebody previous said…I could watch it on my Smart phone…LOL…

My last receiver was a POS Yamaha, bought many many moons ago. It always sounded like crap, so I made it my TV Audio Amp.
After getting back into Turntables, I quickly set up this Denon. My $1000 speakers now sound like $3000 speakers. Bass, Mids, & Highs all sound so much better. My 2 way speakers weren’t designed to be Boom Shakers, but by God, the bass now rattles the windows. I can’t wait to blow the dust off my Jamo sub.
If you’re like me & you last amp did not have a UI, you won’t really know what the posters above are talking about.

Haha, a true audiophile. /s.

…and rear deck shakers in your car, right?

I received this today. It was boxed inside an Amazon shipping box, but the inner box was badly damaged. The inner box was split open on one corner and the white styrofoam was visible.

I have not opened the box to power the receiver on yet; waiting for a response from customer service.

I had a professional install my home theater system. This receiver lasted 3 weeks and then it went “pop” and smoke came out the top. I will be returning it.