Denon Professional Mini Power Amp

Denon Professional Mini Power Amp

FYI, rated for 20watts at 4 ohms. If you use 8 ohm speakers it’s effectively a 10 watt amp.

Can also use with 70v and 100v speaker systems.

If only it wasn’t Euroblock connectors. Maybe they might be standard for audio pros, but for someone who uses audio equipment as a small function of their regular job, buying this would require buying connectors and new adapters just to make it work.

Thanks, but I’ll pass…

@blacksmokemonster the pictures show that it includes the connectors and the connectors look like you just need a screwdriver to tighten the connector to the wire. Can’t get much easier than that…

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By the way, this is a MONOPHONIC amplifier. If you need stereo, you would need two of these. Yes, it accepts Bluetooth stereo but it outputs only mono. I have one of these in my arcade cabinet where I don’t need stereo sound.


Might have been very handy for an off-grid cabin, however, it inexplicably needs 15 volts DC!?!

Gotta stick with the less elegant 12 VDC car radio head unit.

BTW, from that contents photo, it appears to have a big honking wall wort.

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If you need more grunt, I bought a similar style 2chan/200W unit by Lepai from Parts Express about 5 years ago. 95% of the time it runs my outdoor rated Yamaha speakers in my workshop (along with a powered sub). For big parties I’ll move that setup outdoors. In either scenario it can get insanely loud. I’m not looking for high fidelity in these situation but I have to say I don’t notice any hissing, distortion or what have you.