Dental Damned
*My ticket into the Shirts on Sale Sad Rat Race

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Funny, but done with halloween

hahaha this is so adorable…!

Slightly deranged…still a nice shirt.
Don’t think I’ll be in for one, unfortunately.

Great GF! Congrats on the print.

edit. Just noticed the title. Hah!



Really cute. Oh and I love zombies in all forms. But…maybe too cute and too just Halloween time of the yearish for me.

I will have to think on it some as I sleep.


Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay MJ! I’m totally overnighting this bad-boy :smiley:

im in for 3, so that way i can wear them next year…think i’ll store them in the attic!

I really think this is cute, and I love kelly green. But unfortunately, looking at this takes me back to my root canal and other dental woes. So I better not.

Congrats on the print, but I’m over hallowoot. A week and a half of these things has made me sick of funny halloween prints. On to the Derby!

the teeny tiny lines of movement showing how futile it all is just MAKES the shirt imo.
adorable mj!

Guys please quit making Halloween shirts…they wont even arrive on time unless you spend the 5 bucks on overnight anyway. Definitely a pass on this one.

Billy should be squeezing his eyes shut and flailing his arms even more wildly. (The picture in my head is making me laugh more than the picture on the screen.)

love the shirt. but hate the green. better colors please.

Absolutely loved this shirt. Ordered one for Christmas for my brother-in-law soon to be dentist in May!

definitely in for one!