DENY Designs Pet Collection

WHAT THE WHAT?! The prices on these are NUTSO

Ya, it’s hard to believe we used to beg for a pets.woot, meaning a section with GREAT DEALS for our furry companions. Sorry Woot-azon, these ridiculous $40 trays and $100 pillows do not qualify.

I want the giant Chicago pillow for myself… but not for $129 dollars!

Plus, how is this savings? It’s the same price on the DENY website. Except there the Chicago picture has The Bean. I assume this is an old design? An old design with no discount…

This was the Gold Box deal on the mother-ship just a couple days ago. Higher prices then too.

I also know “A” didn’t sell many at all and that is was one of their worst GB deals in a long time.

So, woot is the clearing house of Amazon scraps. Sad too, as this used to be the site (before it sold 200 different products a day) the place to find the unique and cool at really great prices.


You’re going to have to bring the price down, a lot more than that, if you want to sell these things.

I’d pay $3.50 for those things.