Dependable and Reliable Company!!! NOT Rainbowtronics!!!


Unfortunately, I saw a company advertised through that I visited yesterday!! Knowing that usually advertises good websites that you can find great deals on, I ordered a TV from them that was advertised incorrectly by them!!! or the company in which does their website!!! Found out today that my order was canceled without notifying me by phone or e-mail. I called their customer service line because I wanted to change something about my order and they told me that it was canceled. I was connected to a individual in their TV department that in the conversation said that “it was pretty silly to think that you could get a “$5000 52” LCD TV for $355” and what I think is, “its pretty silly to think that if someone else saw this advertised, they wouldn’t order the TV, also”. I can’t help that THEIR company doesn’t double check prices that are put into the system. I didn’t realize that THEIR company trains THEIR custumer service employees to be rude and uncouth to the customers.

I’m thankful to see what type of company they represent and I won’t be going back to them again. The biggest problem I have is the disrespect that I received from their customer service!!

Best Regards,

Gayle Bigelow


I don’t know what to say…


who was it?


Sounds like time for some electronic shotgun justice . . .


tell us who

we’re good at harrasing people