Derb #189 (Woodland Animals): Honorable Mentions

Wooooo, Derbythings! I love those little foxes.

I’m so glad to see “Fountain Pool Party” on the list! My favorite shirt from the derby. :slight_smile:

Can’t they all just be made into shirts and be done with it. I see 4 I want so bad and another derby risks them not making it again. T_T

Thanks for the mention!

It’s a Bird!!! Yuusssss. I still want that. He needs a little Wonder Woman finch next to him. Pow!

I guess even if your design is in the fog for almost its entire time on the site it counts for nothing. oh well maybe next time:P

Congratulations to all the HMs.

I’m very grateful to find myself in the mix, thank you Woot. It really does mean a lot. Keeps me going, it does.

Thanks Woot!

Thanks woot staff! :slight_smile:

Thanks all @ woot and congrats to all the selected ones , all the best! (o;

I’m so glad Making Some Changes made it to honorable mentions! I love that design so much, I wish it had printed!

Glad to see “Hare vs. Bear” made the cut of HM’s. Also glad to see “It’s a Bird” not simply go up and away into the woot-ether.

Oh yeah, on a pun roll this evening. =)