Derby #100 (Mystery): Honorable Mentions


Man, great HM’s… I liked just about all of those. Congrats to all of the artists!

Whooooo Whoooo!!

or Woo Hoo! that works too.

Thanks woot!

Good HM’s this week!
Rglee, yours is my favorite as always. Awesome job. Loved Radscoolians bigfoot as well. Very well done.

Thanks cmdixon! Coming from you that’s a huge compliment. And thanks, woot for the HM.

Good picks. WTG Jaden!

That’s funny. When you click on JadenKale’s “Whoo are you” picture, it takes you to the “Under the Aztec Sun” entry.

Kris Robinson deserves the honorable mention on “What’s Under the Bed?” all the way.

Nice work, man!

That’s because they’re dingalings and they used the same posting layout as last week’s HM post. they just substituted the urls… and forgot mine XP

OMG! Best Monday evaaahhhh! First, I get a quality post, and now this!!! Thanks people of power who has chosen me!!!

Does this come with some sort of certificate or medallion, so I can show it off to my friends that I’m not wasting my time doing this? Teehee!

Cool another HM, great job on our collab noisois. X )

It comes with a coupon for a free shirt. You should get the email soon if you haven’t already. :slight_smile:

Dingaling, reporting for duty! Should be all fixed now.

:slight_smile: thank you, Sir Dave ‘Dingaling’ Bug

Oh that is sweet!

Expediently released HMs? Why I never!

Nice picks Woot.

That’s funny. Note to self, next time you want the Woot Staff to do something, call them a bunch of dingalings.

Oh, I wish the Alfred Hitchcock shirt had gotten an HM.

How the heck did this one not even get into the honorable mentions? I thought it had one of the best designs out of all the contenders for this derby and it got a bunch of votes.