Derby #100 (Mystery): Honorable Mentions

My guess is because it looks like it was done by the woman in Un Chien Andalou

Woohoo, my first HM ever!! Excited:):):):):):)!!!

my thoughts exactly. That was probably my favorite shirt on shirt.woot in a long time. I guess they took the safe route by not making it an HM since so many people were somehow “offended” by it. Oh well just goes to show how lame the shirt.woot community is.

Because it is atrocious… :slight_smile:

Our woot overlords work in mysterious ways!

Lol @ “ShushiLover” and “Soujiro_Seta” wishing Ramy’s shirt got an HM.

Y’know, I actually hope Ramy is totally on the up and up. It would make how obvious his fan base is all the more hilarious.

Soujiro_Seta is from 2004, which would mean a heck of a lot of premeditation, especially considering how shirt.woot probably wasn’t even in planning stages at that point…

For most of the comments I read about the design, it really just sounds like other Woot derby designers were jealous of the entry/designer. Just because you have a personal grudge against the artist, which I may say a lot of you do I noticed, doesn’t mean you should act like pmsing teens. It really does make the Woot community look immature.

BTW, I have only been on woot since of May this year, so I really can’t be a “fan” of someone I’ve never heard of. When I see a good design, I vote for it. I could care less who designed it.