Derby #108 (Architecture): Honorable Mentions


Well, the two shirts that I was most interested in didn’t fog and aren’t HMs, but I can see why these got the nod, for the most part.

Bummer, though, for the ones I liked.

Congrats, Mito and Drakxxx for the HMs!

And while it wasn’t rejected during the derby for text, I am more surprised that C-H-I-C-A-G-O got a nod.

A rejection was possible but curious why you’re surprised about the HM?

I’m not surprised at the Chicago one. It wasn’t in my top ten, but if it prints, I might buy it just because I grew up there. There were others I thought were better, but that I probably wouldn’t buy. If that makes me sound nuts, yeah, that’s me.

But I can imagine the selection process for HMs where they pick what they like, what might sell, and at the same time they try to give a mix of offerings. Different colors, different styles, different techniques. And I suspect they might also look at the designers. Here’s a new one that looks promising but didn’t get a lot of votes, so the HM might keep him/her around. We love this other shirt, but this artist has sold a lot recently and doesn’t need a boost and we don’t want to seem like we have favorites. This designer is constantly just outside the fog, so let’s give him/her a second chance. And this design is weird/quirky and we just like it.

I suspect it’s less about picking out the next best designs and more about choosing a good mix.

No,no, no! Where’s Industrious Little Beavers??? That definitely should have had an HM.

Thanks @ Lindab53! I’m ok with it b/c there were lots of great designs last week. The Chicago one is probably my favorite. Plus I just tried the design on a sand color shirt and it looks a lot better there (I wish woot offered that color), so I’ll play with it and shop it around in 60 days.

Thanks wootpeeps - Congrats to the other HM’ers. : D There’s more than a couple there I’d buy.

Would have bought 5 of ‘The Candy Isn’t Worth It’

Was it even close to being honorably mentioned?

Okay. Please let me know if it prints. Thanks! I have your “One Flew Out of the Cuckoo Clock” and it is one of my favorite shirts.

Thanks for the nod woot staff! And congrats to the other HM receivers.

There’s an incorrect link: Clicking on “It came last night when we were sleeping” links to “Art…chitecture”.

Thanks. Should be fixed now.