Derby #113 CyberPub: Nowhere Theme by the Buggles

It’s a real nowhere theme,
Sitting in its Nowhere Land,
Making all its nowhere plans
for nobody.

Doesn’t have a point of view,
Knows not where it’s going to,
Isn’t it a bit like you and me?

Nowhere theme please listen,
You don’t know what you’re missing,
Nowhere theme,the designers are at your command!

(lead guitar)
It’s as blind as it can be,
Just sees what Bug wants to see,
Nowhere theme can you see me at all?

Nowhere Theme, don’t worry,
Take your time, don’t hurry,
Leave it all till somebody else
lends you a hand!

Doesn’t have a point of view,
Knows not where it’s going to,
Isn’t it a bit like you and me?

Nowhere Theme please listen,
you don’t know what your missing
Nowhere Theme, the designers are at your command!

It’s a real Nowhere Theme,
Sitting in its Nowhere Land,
Making all its nowhere plans
for nobody.
Making all its nowhere plans
for nobody.
Making all its nowhere plans
for nobody!

Well, cut me down and call me wheat, they finally posted the theme!


Summer’s coming to an end, yielding to the chill winds of autumn. But first, let’s eat! Harvest season has been a traditional time of feasting, gorging, bingeing, and all-you-can-eating for pretty much every culture that’s ever known how to sprout a seed. And that went double in the pre-refrigeration era: you might as well eat it before it all goes bad, right? Don’t feel like you need to keep it rustic: there’s also Death harvesting souls, aliens harvesting our bodily energies, Russians harvesting our bodily fluids. Empty your creative cornucopia and show us what you got.

No text. (Ed.: YAY!)

No video-game references. (Ed.: DOUBLE YAY!)

Ok just posted this in the other thread since there seems to be more activity there… but for anyone looking here’s what I came up with:

Poor owl has grown attached to his own mice harvest… now what will he eat?


Colors… as you see, I’ve really narrowed it down:p
Feedback/preferences appreciated - thanks!

i like the olive.

Thanks no1.

Me, too.

Oh well I’ll be different, I’m liking the brown and the kelly green.

Uh-oh, I wrote the wrong thing. It’s the brown one I like.

thanks pooflady and ktcallista!

As I stated from the other thread, I like the brown.

Regarding my ideas, the only thing I have actively in the pipe is the joke entry of the potato harvest.

Here are some other ideas. Any of them sound funny enough to pursue?

A field of internal organs with a person (rabbi?) plucking them like flowers and putting them in a basket [organ harvesting]. Rabbi is based on a current scandal in my current state

Combine being pulled by oxen (new old farming), or perhaps a faceoff between a combine and an ox

Some parody that makes hay bales looking like nuclear reactors.

Any other good idea- I’m not brimming with them…

Thank ya skek! It occurred to me though… if you have a lot of definite owl votes, where were they during all my other owl designs? I’ve had quite a few, including the sushi one last derby;)

re: your ideas… the combine one could be good…
I’m not really into the body parts one, but that could just be me… not into anything gory.
The hay one - maybe, would have to hear more about it?
Sorry, I know that wasn’t that useful.

I like the new owl design more. And I kept forgetting to tell the Bio club about it. My bad. I was putting effort in pushing your fan design, plus I was busy.

I saw a painting once where the haystacks looked like nuclear reactors (stacked vertically, bound around the edges)… Monet, maybe? Just thought I’d do an art-based design, but just not Van Gogh.

Okay, as promised, here’s the first draft of "relax, pilgrim). Haven’t decided if he should be jumping into potatoes (the whole origin of mashed taters idea) or grapes (like water to wine).

got to be grapes. Potatoes aren’t mashed like that in real life, and it will just confuse people. “what kind of ugly grapes are those supposed to be?” “where are the grapes?”

would anybody suggest which color is best?

*collaboration with Laura

guess not.

I like the blue, followed by the cranberry.
I also think of the color green when I think of fairies… have you considered grass or kelly?

@skek - agreed with josephus, grapes are better.

It’ll be grapes- I’ll try to put some grape vines in the background. Gotta wait until tonight though since I don’t have the illustration with me.

My hope design in my sig got a 2.2 on threadless. I assume that’s a good score, relatively speaking? I think it’s my highest yet, though still a bit too low to actually get printed. But you never know…

Joe, I may be too late, but I like the cranberry. . . followed by the grey.

Threw my votes on your design. I love it. Now, to go throw votes towards the fairy design. Hehehhe… I want one for a friend who is one of those Walt Disney World nutz. Joe, you picked the color I would have chosen.

Much thanks Skek! So do you also have some campus woot friends what will come vote for their mascot too?:wink: