Derby #114 (Cooking): Honorable Mentions


smacks Jason Toon across the head
Don’t do it again!

Yay! There are some good ones in here. I loved Monster Pot =)

I’m thrilled to see Hot Date and Early Morning Tragedy here!

Thanks for the HM Woot! If I can get enough, I won’t have to go Christmas shopping this year!

wow! thanks for the mention! yepa, yepa ajuaaaaaaaaa!

Holy snub, batman.

Thanks for your support of the Monsterpot Woot and Wootfolk! This was a great gift for my very first submission!

Congrats everyone! You all obviously put some time and effort into your designs. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the hm, guys. :smiley:

Thrilled that Spaghetti made it. Here’s hoping it doesn’t get forgotten next double take derby/EC.

I just realized that Cute Feast didn’t get an HM. I thought for sure it would. That makes me sad :frowning:

Where is “Had Enough?” That was entertaining, and received 5th place, not to mention always topped the ‘New Hotness’ list since it arrived.
I’m surprised Warhol is missing as well. Yet the cheap re-submit of a knockoff got in?