Derby #116 (Erase Hunger, Create Hope): Honorable Mentions


So sad to see The Gift not place. v.v

here, friend was fantastic- sorry to see it not print, glad I’ll be seeing it again in the do-overs.

“Sparks of Hope” is just Sakura on the Cliff with a old lady replacing the deer. Literally, it’s the exact same tree. Kind of a disappointing choice. Good to see “Hunger’s Face” and “Here, Friend”, though.

Sad to see BassAnimation wasn’t on there 3 weeks in a row. I really liked that design.

Bass had an HM last week?

Given the difficult theme I’m not sure what chance these will have in a double derby.

How are honorable mentions choosen?

Yeah - X-treme National Park - the awesome exploding bear one.
Then in Derby #114 - Monsterpot

Ze is a fabulous new artist.

The Too Soon comment cracked me up.
Congrats artists.

No “Air Hope”? I am sad. I was hoping to buy two of them.

Agreed. Walmazan is another new fav of mine. Glad to see him get an HM this week :slight_smile:
Sorry Bass didn’t, but I’m about 99.9% sure that extreme bear will get a double-take print. And I can’t frickin wait to get that shirt!

I’m really hoping that Here, Friend will get a EC in the double take. I’m getting more and more regretful for not buying Air and I’d like to have the chance to get an Edgar shirt :slight_smile: Edgar/Tgentry is a pair not to be reckoned with…

I’m kinda hoping the Edgar/Travis doesn’t print in the doubletake, only because I’m sure both have waaay better work that could get printed instead that I’ll love. But if they don’t, I certainly think they were robbed enough by Ricebowl to justify it.

Despite the fact that Bass has revealed herself to be mostly in it for the money this week, I also think that xtreme national park is the sort of shirt that, if it does not print in the doubletake, could possibly even do some damage at Threadless if it’s cleaned a little. It’s a bizarre, solid idea that has a clear audience while also being risky enough to believe it was honestly done.

As for Walmazan, if you love his work, you should definitely seek him out at Threadless… no clue offhand how many of his prints are still available (especially in your size), but requesting reprints will send a charming little email into your mailbox when and if they become available again. But yeah, I’m glad to see him here, especially since he’s been pumping out what seem to be totally new concepts and designs for the derbies… some longstanding designers pop in and out only when they have an older piece that’s appropriate.

Past that, “too soon” did indeed crack me up as well.

Yeah, I know they have better work that could print, but as a collab, this one was pretty awesome. Agreed about the ricebowl. I’m not going to bash the piece or anything, I just don’t think it deserved to print above other entries in this derby.

I’m not going to get in it with you over Bass, I saw the thread under her “I’m in yer kitteh” design and I understand both sides of the story :wink: I will just say that even if we were to equate Bass with Seki in their desire to win moniez, Bass’s design is much more original and thus much more deserving of a win. I hope you agree with me on that respect, no matter what the intentions are. And beside that, her talent is much more versatile, in my humble opinion.

Aside from that, thanks for the link to Walmazan’s other prints, although you guessed correctly that they’re not available in my size (though it would be pretty darn impressive if I were an infant, eh?) I really have enjoyed his woot entries because I agree that his submissions are totally unique and awesome. His design this week seriously made me laugh for a minute, and I’m sad that it’s not doing better! But I’m happy that woot has given him the credit where he deserves, and I must share that his “Campfire Tales” print turned out AMAZING! If the woot audience doesn’t recognize greatness, at least the woot staff is giving him HM’s. This is his second, right?

But alas, I digress. Awesome HM’s on all of these, woot =)

Just realized I got an HM. Cool!

Ok, I don’t get it. What does “too soon” mean? lol

OK nevermind. Somebody explained it to me and I died laughing.

I don’t get it either… Can somebody explain it to the rest of the class? Or at least THIS slow student?

Some good honorable mentions, looking forward to the next double take.

My guess would be a “balloon boy” reference. That’s become an odd little tale, now.

Gotcha… That is pretty funny. Hadn’t even considered that.