Derby #12: Night


Derby #12: Night

Down goes the sun. Out comes the moon. Night is upon us, bringing loads of visual inspiration that you’re going to turn into the next Derby shirt sensation. Nocturnal life, shadows and secrets, oases of light amid dunes of darkness - what’s going on out there while we’re sleeping? Save your zombies, bats, vampires, witches, werewolves, black cats, ghosts, etc. for next week. Halloween is only one night a year. We’re talking about the other 364. So slip on your night-vision goggles, dig up your nightcrawlers, go gentle into that good night, and give us a night-themed design worth staying up late for.


Nice theme! Hopefully people don’t just turn in reversed images from the “light” derby… g/l all!


<waits patiently for a rejected plain black shirt design…>




Anyone who finds a way to do this on a white or creme shirt will instantly get my vote. I’m wondering how many black, asphalt. or navy shirts we WON’T have.


I’ll be honest. I’m a little disappointed that woot has decided to make the halloween derby next week. I don’t know how you other wooters’ records have been, but I don’t think I can expect a shirt sold on the 26-28 to make it before the 31st through smartpost where I am here.


Yep, looks like we’ll be forced to pony up the extra $5 so we can wear it to the halloween party.


Unless woot ponies up the $$$ for this one Derby and offers free two-day shipping, Cardinal Goldstein.


Mr. Pixel, how about “Night on Reverse-World?”


New Rules

No Puckering
No Puffaluffs
No Centaurs
No Zombies (yeah right)
No Ninjas (yeah right)


Hey, it says we can enter the Derby now…is that right?


Wait, the schedule is listed like this:

Friday at noon: Derby theme is announced, Derby opens for submissions and voting
following Wednesday at noon: submissions close
following Thursday at noon: voting closes, winner announced
following Friday at 12:00:01 AM: winning design for sale on Shirt.Woot

The Derby theme is announced Thursday, not Friday. Will it be Friday in the future? That doesn’t seem right.


Does this mean all such entries will be rejected? If so, good (obviously, no offense pensketch :))


No puckering? But the night time puckers are the absolute best!


I think it used to be that the derby theme was announced on Friday, but they changed that a few weeks ago, to give people 24 hours notice to come up with designs that could be submitted immediately on Friday at noon.

If I’m wrong, someone let me know.


You are correct.




No offense taken. Rather than spend a lot of time on a design that’s likely to be rejected, I’ll try to make a quick non-zombie design and then get some stuff together for Halloween.


I would love it if “Starry (city) Lights” would be resubmitted for this derby. I think I have the name right - it was the one with the Van Gogh theme.

Wooters - what are the rules regarding resubmitting designs that didn’t win? Can a person submit a design for a new derby that they submitted for a previous derby (but which did not win that derby), if it has been less than 60 days?


yeah, i spent all morning thinking about a halloween design, and now i have to change gears all over again. oh well, next week.


I take this as a challenge.

Crappy creme shirt, here I come!