Derby #121 CyberPub: Russkies.


The Berlin Wall fell almost exactly 20 years ago. The whole Soviet Bloc was soon to follow. While they weren’t too good at running a society, the Soviets knew how to make a striking propaganda poster. We think it’s time to apply that effective visual style to the everyday problems of human interaction, the unwritten rules that help us all get along. Don’t change the radio station in someone else’s car. Don’t go snooping in your friends’ medicine cabinets. Always say nice things about a new parent’s choice of baby name, whether you mean it or not. You know, the sort of thing that’s always getting Larry David in trouble.

This week, create a t-shirt exhorting people to follow one or more of these rules, in a recognizably propagandistic style. The classic Russian style can be seen here, here, here, and here. But don’t forget the Cubans and the Chinese. And keep in mind that we Americans used to be pretty good at this sort of thing, too.

Text is allowed as part of a graphic-oriented design. This is looser than our “incidental text” rule, but we still don’t want all-slogan shirts.

No world leaders or other recognizable figures. Sorry, but otherwise we’ll get hundreds of “When you double-dip, you party with Hitler”-type designs.

No video-game references.

So… I don’t totally understand the rules of this derby. Basically make up a shirt about any rule at all of everyday living? Or specifically the ones they said? It seems more like the latter from:

“This week, create a t-shirt exhorting people to follow one or more of these rules”

but that seems extremely limiting.

There are lots of ideas over in PWA, yeah, I’m bored.

It has to be a household saying I think, yes.

I’m doing a design that may get rejected because of that. Even though I think it’s brilliant.

I’m still thinking.

not really. Take a standard household phrase and design around it. Like “always put down the seat” or “cover your mouth” or “close the door” or “don’t scratch yourself in public”…

Coming over here now so I don’t clutter up PWA. :slight_smile:

I like KTC’s “Sanitation–moving society forward” idea, but I’m not sure it’s completely on theme since the rules talk about the unwritten rules that help people get along. Maybe that idea should stick to the “for godsakes, remember to flush” bit?

I could see remembering to flush being good. Or not leaving the cob (toilet paper empty).

My original thoughts that lead to sanitation involved cleaning the house.

Maybe a wipe your feet, remove your shoes, or a vacuum inspired idea?

if it’s brown flush it down.
if it’s yellow, let it mellow.

My new best idea: 5-second rule. Not just a good idea: IT’S THE LAW.

excellent! four stars!

edit: two thumbs up!

Yessss! Post as soon as possible.

Should the lid and seat be up or down? Also, should it be a thumbs up, or a peace sign?

I’m also going to put a sunburst pattern above it to make it more propagandaey:

Up for yellow, down for brown.

If y’all ain’t closing your toilet lid before you flush, you’re just spreading your poo germs into the air. :frowning:

Lids go down! Especially if you keep your toothbrush near the toilet. or if you have kids that are curious about flushing things. or if you don’t like water sprayed out with a strong flushing toilet. or if you don’t want to smell the yellow mellow.

gotta keep the toothbrush near the toilet. it’s more convenient for later, when you rinse in the toilet.

Except for the kids part, I’ve heard that’s an urban myth.

It depends on the toilet and how strong the flush is. I’ve seen some with a high swirl slosh over! (usually a more power less water model thing)

As for the toothbrush thing. Orc told me that you only had to have your brush fall in once before you started being aware of whether you put the lid down.

I also think leaving the lid up with urine in the bowl would allow the smell to be more prevalent. I may just be really sensitive to smells though.

Here’s another design I’m not submitting but I thought of while brainstorming. REason I’m not subbing it is because it is more of a traditional “propaganda” design and not one for everyday life. Unless you’re an electrical engineer.

Wow, it got so… toilet-y in here.

Here’s my first try.