Derby #129 CyberPub: Draw Like an Egyptian

Funny thing goes here. Eventually.


Derby #129: Ancient Egypt

They invented paper, the clock, and a distinctive walk that changed the face of pop music. They were the ancient Egyptians. Under mighty pharaohs like Yul Brynner and Steve Martin, they built an empire that spanned thousands of years, two continents, and millions of acres of gold plating. Now comes the ultimate memorial to their greatness: a Shirt.Woot Derby in their honor. And don’t be shy about ripping off their distinctive visual style, either. It’s not like they can sue us from the Land of the Dead.

Hieroglyphics are permitted, but no other text. That includes fonts that are made to look like hieroglyphics.

No bunnies.


The Bangles are one of my former art history/classics professor’s favorite bands. I think he found a way to justify showing two or three of their music videos to any of his given classes.

I think I’m done tweaking my Neferkiti design, so now I have to get rollin’ on genericsmith’s idea. It’s a “you got served”-style “your mummy” joke.

I’ve got one entry, maybe 2. Already posted the one on the thread. The other I’m not sure about. I could either slap something together or simply work on my Make Something Cool Everyday art for my blog. Which is prolly what I’m gonna do tonite, unless inspiration grabs me first.

I posted this in the other thread too, but if any cyberpubbers want to give feedback, I welcome it!

Here’s the design:

Also… trying some light weathering (which I can also make less strong) to make it look like it’s on an ancient wall… yay or nay?

If anyone likes this design… would love preferences on shirt color. Sorry so many options… I blame having a bad cold;) Thanks!

I like kelly or royal.

Thanks xaz. Right now I’m maybe thinking orange, but I could go another way.

Any thoughts on why my cat design is getting such few votes?:confused: Do you think the thumbnail should include the cat maybe?

Cyberpubbers, answer me this!

Are huge voting links in your signature helping you?

I try to keep mine small and innocuous just because that’s how I roll. Some people like to employ massive banners and others meet somewhere in between. What do you think? Do you think it matters? Obviously I’ve seen people get prints after barely posting around woot (if at all), but I wonder how much it helps in the long run.

I don’t think it makes or breaks entries, since most of the time the people voting don’t even know most of the threads here exist. But it does garner probably 20-30 votes if they’re forum regulars. I use 100x100 just because there’s a certain length max in the sig code so might as well use larger images.

I think it’s just a matter of taste- smaller images can be more understated, especially if they’re not directly linked to a design. That’s why my “blog” link only is 30 px wide.

I have no idea… I started doing it from time to time if I have a design that was doing pretty well (top 10) and I want to feature it more (since I typically have multiple entries per derby) and I noticed other artists (often printed popular ones) doing it.

This derby I did one because I wanted to include more of the design than I had in my thumbnail… but the design is still doing pretty poorly, so I don’t think it’s helping much!
Other than that I usually stick to 100x100. I’ve noticed some people sometimes post the height as 110 or even up to 130, but I remember someone posting the etiquette is to keep it 100 height when I first joined the site and was asking about signatures.

Woot used to allow 200px of sigs, where they allowed 2 rows of 100px if there was an overflow. However, about a year ago, they stopped that. So if you go over 1 row of 100px, it cuts the extra off. So now most people do 100px.

i was going to say “you mean ‘skek and jas’?” but (if you include spaces) “skek and jas” has the same number of characters as “cyberpubbers” so it wouldn’t be any more efficient.

And see, now you’re posting, so you’re officially a cyberpubber too, in my book :slight_smile:

um, ok.

i don’t have any voting links in my signature. however, i suspect they would not help me with my chronic constipation, acne, or halitosis.

i think what you’d want is something eye-catching but not irritating, something you can see without scrolling in the sig. so, prolly max 100 px high, however wide enough to show or even just hint at what’s neat about your design, and no animation. sometimes that could be fit into a square; occasionally a banner could be required, but i’d keep it simple. spend your time on creating something new, rather than on ads.

Oh well. Out of the fog and hotness. Was a good ride, and now I just expect to get 23rd or so. Should have just kept my idea about spreadshirt.

Hey, you’re still ahead of me. :slight_smile: I’m pretty sure you’ll stay in the top 20, if not 15.

And I already got a bunch of turds posting in my thread “I can’t believe anyone would want to wear this”- which is exactly what people post when they also have a shirt design that is doing well.

you are in the hotness right now.

eh, don’t feel bad, there have only been a couple shirts since I had to box up my woot shirts in exchange for maternity wear that I’ve even seriously considered buying. Most of the shirts they print aren’t wearable for me.

That’s cool. I just won’t watch the derby until the end. I don’t want to jinx anything, and it’s pretty much out of my control. :slight_smile: