Derby #132 CyberPub: You Heartless Bustard.

Up next… Derby #132: Heart

You gotta have heart. The heart wants what it wants. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Deep in the heart of Texas. Heart disease is the leading cause of death in the United States. My heart will go on. You kids are going to give me a heart attack. We could list a hundred more. There aren’t many cliches about kidneys or intestines, and there’s never been a female-fronted hard rock band called Spleen. Reach into the voluminous lore and science about the heart this week, whether it’s the anatomical heart (the one that pumps blood), the metaphorical heart (the one that symbolizes desire, passion, or determination), or the iconic stylized heart shape (the one you’ll be seeing everywhere around the middle of this month). And do it with all your heart.

[b]No bunnies.

No text.

No Mario anything. No Luigi, no Donkey Kong, no Wario, no Princess Peach, no Koopalings, no MarioKart, no Yoshi, no Tanooki suit, NOTHING from the Mario universe.[/b]

Prepare yourself for anthropomorphic hearts galore.

Weird there’s no regular thread for it yet.

Makes me think of one of my favorite 80’s songs, by Patty Smyth with Scandal:
“Shootin’ at the walls of heartache, bang! bang! I am the warrior!”

Haha my former band used to cover that song.

There’s a looot of 80s songs with the word ‘heart’ in them!: )

I already liked you, jas, but now I like you times a million more. XD

Thanks for the idea! I’m gonna do a heart dressed in a white Miami Vice suit (with scruff of course) as a parody of Don Johnson’s “Heart beat”

haha sweet lol.

hehe ok then!

If anyone would like to give feedback, here’s what I’ve worked on so far…

Update: And another…
I’m kind of feeling like this design might be a shirt only big cat-lovers will wear… am I right?

What can I say, Jas. They’re wonderful! Did you try putting some sort of background on the barracuda?

Here’s mine. Comments?

Thanks Skek, been quiet in here!:wink:
Do you think it needs a background? I didn’t try, it seemed effective already without one… I could try?

Yours looks good… I would say try to make it a bit more off center? So the line of the corner and middle of the heart is not nearly in the center of the shirt…

Up for votes!

Anyone that lived through (or was tormented by) the original Miami Vice series knows that we were subjected to white suits with colored t-shirts and loafers. And Don Johnson’s vain attempt at rock music.

I think there’s something sad and ironic about the “heart” derby bringing out the cynic in me. And it has nothing to do with being single. :confused:

I think I’m the only one that went for silly '80s fashion though…

about what are you cynical?

eeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything. :wink:

Meh. I may resub my heart with white eyes and a smile on my design. To try to get more votes. And to clean up the design…

Wonder where Pucker is this week?

Working. Family. Dunno.

Here’s a version 2 I subbed since my first version, while more faithful to the original single cover art, was a bit odd. Hopefully this is more polished.



People must really like the wizard of oz. There are 2 in the fog… there were 3 earlier… and now 3 if you include the one with the bunch of characters.

I revised my earlier entry which I withdrew after a few minutes, because it sucked badly. This is much better, I think.