Derby #132 (Heart): Honorable Mentions


So that email I got was real! (got it before this post so thought maybe it was a mixup). Very happy about this, Barracuda was my favorite of my own entries for the Heart derby:) Thank you woot!

And congrats everyone! Good choices, especially squid and whale - so cute.

no Draxxx tin man!?


? i thought derby #132, “heart”, was included?

I like the new format you guys have on these. It’s nicer to look at.

Please post the Nightmare derby’s Honorable Mentions. They seem to have gotten skipped over.

Still no Derby #130 Nightmares Honorable mentions? The Double take says Honorable Mention shirts from Derbies 118, 119, and 121-132. What are the Honorable mentions from Derby 130??

YAY there’s a ton of my favorites here! Go BARACUDA! I was listening to that song on my Best of Heart CD today, it must have been a sign!

Also glad to see that awesome Rambo heart. One of my favorite Walz designs yet!

Congrats all, this are super!

Yeesss, yesss, the world needs monstars :).

I think this is woot’s way of telling me to never come back. Sigh.

I really hope The Suitor gets printed eventually. Do want.

hear, hear. ya gotta think ec at worst.

Was hoping to get an HM for this derby, but that is ok. Maybe someday.

i approve of the new layout. well done.

I think you need to clarify, because the DT does say #132 is included.

So, where are the Nightmare HMs? I can’t find them. I can see there’s a couple shirts in the do-over from there, but when were they chosen???

Ha, just saw your comment - thanks! Barracuda didn’t do that well in the DoubleTake, so I don’t know about a sign though;)