Derby #132: Heart

Is this supposed to be here?

You know…technically the Mario universe is just a part of the Donkey Kong universe. So excluding DK seems unfair to me.

Zelda, however, is totally not out of the question.

Mwa ha.

I have one idea… no idea how to portray it, not that i have the ability to draw it…

Hit me up xazy if you wanna try and colab. I’m sure you won’t have a hard time thinking of something.

Free idea for anyone that wants to get rejected… Do something along the lines of “I’ve got a heart on for ya”

Channeling of “The Todd” five


I’ve done at least two heart designs for other derbies… maybe I’ll merge them with several more to do a “types of hearts” chart or something… Then again that might not be appealing to our very large male audience… :confused:

[watch this space]

doesn’t “uni” mean “one”? that is, the mario universe is the same as the dk universe is the same as our universe, because there’s only one universe.

so everything is excluded.

What about characters from Doki Doki Panic? (Super Mario 2 in the USA)

Apparently the right thread hasn’t been working right whenever they post the new themes. :confused: weird

It was posted over at www for a while.

I hate you.

Someone should do a bleeding-heart dove design, because I enjoy bird illustrations.

Here’s a picture of a Luzon bleeding-heart:


I also love birds, but as far as drawing them goes, I think I need a break. Hah. +1 for someone else doing one of these, though.

That would be cool. :slight_smile: I wish I had the chops to take a stab at it!

You have to do something though! I love your designs. :slight_smile:

Off topic:

I want one of these for my desk at work… I just have to figure out how to do a justification statement to my company… hmmmm… bet the little fellah can whisper some great stock advice…


Def like that!

Off topic reply: I WANT A TINY DESK DEER TOO!

l[url=]ame… sighs

So where do we post our submissions for the derby?