Derby #133 CyberPub: I've got a case of the HeebeeChibis

Derby #133: Chinese Zodiac

According to the traditional Chinese calendar, February 14 marks the beginning of the year 4707. According to sheng xiao - the so-called Chinese Zodiac - it also begins the Year of the Tiger. In honor of this most auspicious portent, this week we want you to use any or all of the 12 animals in the Chinese Zodiac, and only those animals: no other animals, no humans, no other animate characters of any kind. You don’t have to relate your design to the Chinese Zodiac at all, but we’d get a kick out of it if you did (and, we hope, so would the voters). Consult that Wikipedia link, or the nearest Chinese restaurant placemat, and get to it.

[b]No video-game references.

No text, including Chinese characters.[/b]

I gots my idea. Now to sketch.

Nacho Goat!

My idea was too hard. So I eated it.

fish heads fish heads
roly poly fish heads
fish heads fish heads
eat them up yum!


Did the rejectionator go on strike?

Must have. :frowning:

Pretty much sums it up.

On a good note, I finally got an e-mail from Barb regarding my daily. Yay! She’s going to show it to Joel. I expect a No, but a no is better than not knowing…

Nice! If she is showing it to Joel, probably means she is considering it. Good luck!!

Edit: And looky, here the closeup shirt textures!
Found it in WOW


Thanks, Jas! Whoa, the file size is huge. 58 meg? Wow.

Now if I could just catch up on my msce. I’m only three days behind, but the snowpocalypse has kicked me in the backside. Literally. My back is really sore. On the positive side, I’ve got really strong forearms from all the shoveling.

Today’s stuff- it was like shoveling buckets of snowcones. Four times as heavy per shovel than the massive snow we got a few weeks ago.


That’s great.

THANK YOU!!!:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :D!!!

Way to go, jasneko!

Thanks Josephus! It still feels unreal!:open_mouth:

congrats jasneko. you deserved the print!

Thanks very much no1 =)