Derby #133 (The Chinese Zodiac): Honorable Mentions


The liger would totally kick the tigox’s butt.

Hang on, wait… I thought it was usually the top 10 after the fog that were picked for honorable mention, and never any from the actual fog. 3 of these are from the fog…

I guess I have never taken notice to exactly how these are chosen… staff pick?

YAY!!! Zodiac Nap made it. <3 I love that one.

Yep! It’s up to the woot gods who gets HM’s. :slight_smile:

Thanks woot for the mention!

Woohoo! Thanks.

and since this is on the heels of a double-take derby, it will be a million freaking years before I’ll even be able to think about actually buying the Raggon. hooray!

I’m glad it got an HM, no doubt. It’s just the timing that sucks.

Nice ones, congrats everyone! I especially like 100% wool, sooo cute, and Raggon… though many others are have lovely aspects to them too: )

Excellent line up, lots of my faves here! I will be THERE with BELLS ON to pump up the Raggon next double take!

YAY for the Raggon!

Lots of great ones here. And thanks for mine as well.


Thanks woot!

Who is Darel?

This was Darel’s entry - nice. I don’t totally agree with Adder, I like the other designs. But this should’ve made it in, too.
Awesome lineup, folks - and congrats to all!

Wow, I didn’t even notice that this wasn’t up there until you mentioned it. Double-u tee eff, woot!??? That one was sooo nicely done.

However, I am excited to see Lucky and Walz up there. And of course Tgentry’s Raggon. I know people are sick of bunnies, but I have two bunnies at home so I am a sucker for bunny designs. You gotta admit, this one is above and beyond your normal, run-of-the-mill bunny design.

The poofy tail is my favorite part. =)

I did think Darel’s design was really good. I am hoping to see him fine tune it and perhaps submit to another venue. It really would make a great shirt.

I really appreciate how you guys are looking out for my design, thanks! Yeap I’ll be working on it to fix those issues mentioned, though there still won’t be eyes. I’ll be trying for the next derby, if my brain decides to poop an idea out in time. Hopefully that’ll turn out better.

And yes, the Raggon has to print the next time it’s up. I do wish it were on blue though.

“It’s an order race” was unquestionably one of the best ones there. I can’t actually understand how it’s not here.

Oh man, wootstaff just made me supersad. timemachine and capedcrusader have pretty nice designs here but that’s about it… I was really hoping for Kinzoku’s “An Ox in a China Shop” :frowning:

Ooooh well…