Derby #135 (Faster, Higher, Stronger): Honorable Mentions


I glad to see edgar here, such a great tee, I want it!

and congrats everyone here!

And thanks for the mention! I’m so happy!

ZOMG, I’m floored to be in here.

Thanks so much Woot!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ‘Atom Bombs cereal - grow inhumanly big and strong!’

CONGRATS! :slight_smile: Still love it!

Glad to see the SuperToaster!!! I love that one!

Congrats everyone, these are all mighty fine!

Glad to see the flying frog and octopus got HM’s – I would have bought them in a heartbeat.

wow, these are awesome…one of the best groups of HMs I’ve seen, nice work everyone!

Some wonderful choices here. Obviously, I’m happy to anything by edgar, walmazan, and jewelwing. I’m also thrilled to see the bonezz and spiritgreen designs here. Always good to see new blood in the HMs, and those were some splendid designs.


Woooo edgar and artulo! :smiley:

edgar…not edward…

is there anyway we can have an editor’s choice of “awesomer” without having to wait until after the next double take derby?

i would really like to have it now please.

Congrats to all on your HMs. MHO, this group eclipses the actual derby winners, for teh most part. What an awesome lineup! Can I haz my DTD now pleeze? Oh wait - just had one. Bummer!

So happy to see Jewelwing’s and Walmazan’s entries here - they were my favorites of the derby. :slight_smile: Congrats guys!

I was sure thedansterwashere’s Air Defense and rglee129’s Excelsior would come out of the fog as winners. And artulo’s monster toaster was a favorite of mine right from the start.

All of these are great. I’m lucky to be included in such great company(!)

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- ‘Atom Bombs cereal - grow inhumanly big and strong!’

Great picks! Lookin forward to seein that squidy in the hopefully-not-too-distant-doubletake derby :slight_smile: