Derby #136 (The New Vintage): Honorable Mentions


Oh hey thanksss. lets turn one of these bad boys into a print.

I was hoping the Zombie Doom Squad shirt would make the list. I’d really love to see that one as a shirt. Oh well.

Drakxxx got snubbed! SNUBBED!!!

Thought I had a chance this week. :frowning: Congrats to those who got the nod.

Congrats all, these are wonderful! I really dug Tweets and Rap Attack. I look forward to them later on!

All of these mightily deserved a second chance. Congratulations!

Thanks for the HM, Woot.
Congrats to the others!

I’m glad Walmazan and Jasneko got HM’s :slight_smile: Congrats guys! And to everyone else of course!

Aww, I thought Curling Adventure was a shoe-in.

Me too. I really want that one. Grr. Other than that, really good HMs here though.

Thanks very much woot - and congrats to everyone!

Thanks Boots and Omni. I’ll do something with it once the 60 days is up. might be a good fit or I might just put it up at Spreadshirt.

Congrats everyone here, nice selections!
and thanks for the mention!

“How many copyrights can we almost infringe upon?”

At this rate, probably all of them?

Please let us know! :slight_smile: I really was looking forward to purchasing that one if it had placed!

Yeah well, neither one of the film poster designs or the overall double feature concept was very woot friendly, so I’m hardly surprised.

Congrats to those that did get a nod though!:slight_smile:

No drakxxx? Really?

As the man said himself, it’s hardly surprising.
2 original, creative, and masterfully executed designs that woot wants nothing to do with. Who would have thought!

Glad to see Walzman’s get recognized at least.

Bummed that drakxxx didn’t get a nod, but - yay, walz! congrats! And to you all!