Derby #137 (Luck): Honorable Mentions


So, derby designs have always been rejected in the past for claiming to use GITD ink, since it was expressly forbidden.

This week not only was a design using GITD not rejected, but also given an HM.

This is not a slight against the artist at all but the question was also asked in the design thread and went unanswered.

Is GITD ink now allowed in derby entries? If so I think it’s a huge mistake since it’s easily used improperly. If not, please explain.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Where’s Walmazan? He should be in that list.

I don’t know, I loved his poker piece. I’m happy I got an HM though. I thought the cereal turned out really good and was happy with my final results. Thanks Woot! :slight_smile:

Lucky’s is my favorite of these, but congrats to all of the HMs!

…What? No I’m not crying. I have something in my eye.

Thanks for the HM woot! I just thought I would try something different for the derby and I’m glad shirtwoot approved of it. Cheers spiritgreen. :slight_smile:

Yeah, since when is glow in the dark ink acceptable in derbies? What about metallic? What’s stopping EVERYBODY from now using it in every entry because they can?

Congrats to those getting HMs! So happy to se a number of my favorite designs will get a second chance. Yippee!