Derby #138 (Band Names Reinterpreted): Honorable Mentions


cool, congrats to all, nice work!

Thank you for the mention, Woot!

I’m really pleased to see all of these HMs, but especially the ones from cmdixon2, tgentry and rglee129.

Wow. Excellent, excellent choices. Congrats, everyone. I’d buy any/all of these.

Thanks Woot!
Good picks this week. Congrats to the others!

Thanks for the HM, Woot. That was quite unexpected.
Great to see some of my favourites on this derby, also on the list. On another note, aren´t we supposed to receive an e-mail, notifying us of the HM. This is the 2nd time I receive one, and on the other I received the e-mail, but not this time.

Congrats to all the artists (not music artists)! Each of you certainly deserved your place as HMs. These designs look great.

It’ll get there. Sometimes it take a few…weeks.

Wow a few of those were unexpected. Congrats to all!

Great job everyone! There’s quite a few of these that I look forward to voting for in the next double take!

How did Alice In Chains not get an HM? It looked so great and was the only shirt in the fog I would consider buying. I’m upset now :frowning:

Wow, I suck. I didn’t even see Edgar’s design in the derby. It’s pretty awesome =)

Congrats to all, these are great choices! However, I was also hoping for Alice in Chains to be on this list. Oh well, hopefully Drakxxx/Crescent Debris will get a (well deserved) win this weekend.

Thanks woot for our (JamieDodger & my) 1st HM!