Derby #138 CyberPub: Band with the Runs!

Derby #138: Band Names Reinterpreted

Trendy mall stores have made it impossible to tell the difference between someone who is actually a fan of a band and someone who just spent $30 on a Ramones shirt because that one guy on that one show wore one. Since we need new, avant-garde ways of showing our disdain for those slightly behind the zeitgeist bell curve, use this week’s theme to craft shirt designs based on, inspired by, and reinterpreting the names of famous bands. You can go for the obvious take (guy with a radio where his head should be?) or the slightly more obscure (a single-engine high altitude reconnaissance plane?), but the shirt should focus on the name entirely. And while we’re not going to judge your taste in music (Mayor named John?), we are going to question the validity of any band that can only be found via some obscure myspace page with 10 friends. Keep it real, yo. That means:

No copyrighted imagery. If the band already did it, we don’t want to see it again.

[b]No videogame references.

No bunnies.

No text.[/b]

I’m not as far along as some of my esteemed artist colleagues, but here’s my sketch for “The Plugz”. I need to add a bassist, and polish it all up, but it’s a start…