Derby #139 (Madness): Honorable Mentions


Mostly great picks! Congrats all, and big congrats Snowqueen! …I think this is your first HM?:slight_smile:

Congratulations everbody!!
You all deserve it!
Go Snowqueen…Go Snowqueen…Go Snowqueen…

No BootsBoots, DeadFrog, or Edgar? THAT’S madness.

Thanks Darlin’

Thanks EZ!

Wow! Mass Hysteria looks awesome!

Thankyou Jason (Toon) for the funny comment you wrote next to the picture…I will cut as much wood as you want me to! I would!(Cut wood!)…AH I’m not as funny as you! Thanks from Vermont, straight to you, deep in the heart of Texas!(sings…)

I kind of wish the thumbnails for the derby looked like this… probably too hard on people’s computers though.

Oh hey. Thanks wooooooot. WOOT

No taninniver again? D: woot, you disappoint. When are we going to have an awesome, sleek werewolf shirt like that one?

:O…:smiley: thanks!

thx woot!

Agreed, though I’d add Tanniver as well. Some real headscratchers of snubs there.

Still, good to see some under the radar designs get some love here as well (UFEgg, Mass Hysteria, 9 mad’cacti)

Ah, really glad Skirochester and CapedCrusader got the nod. Loved those designs.

congrats to the designers who were picked as honorable mentions but some of these are so loosly themed on madness, it still bugs me why the Vampire Photo Booth pic was rejected for being off topic! :frowning:

Yay Captain Ahab! I hope that one eventually prints

Im so happy to see Skirochester’s mouses here! I wanted that sooooo bad ;_;. I <3 rodents.

Congrats to all, these are wonderful hms!

Congratulations to all! This was a strong week. :slight_smile:

How is it I didn’t see littleclyde’s entry until just now?! Very cool. Glad it’ll be in the running again.

Thanks for the HM woot!
I’m happy to see Ilovedoodle get an HM. That was a really fun entry and I’ll be glad to see it again.