Derby #14: Nutrition

no booze?! Nuts to that!

but seriously…this one will be harder to work in those video game references…right?

argh… more zombie and eating brains submissions…

Go Calcium, beat Riboflavin?


oh, yes, I have one great idea.

which is probably a poor idea for most others, but my standards (and skill level) are pretty low…

mangos are an aphrodisiac

I found that after out after the fact, I wonder why I was always in the mood…

thast my idea.

I have a good idea.

I just don’t know if its possible yet.

There’s always Burgertime. :smiley:

Pyrin, I wore your shirt to class today, thanks

There was fruit in Pac-Man and Ms. Pac-Man

No pumpkin pi. No apple pi or cherry pi.

no pi of any kind, it’s been done!


Cool beans! Though I should be thanking you for buying it, hehe.

There’s plenty of room for all God’s creatures…right next to the mashed potatoes.


Oh, and there’s the obligatory geeky Apple reference!

Fun times!

p.s. in case it wasn’t obvious, I’m not an apple fan

queue the nutritional fact labels with something semi-clever thrown in.


It’s becoming quite obvious to me that Wooters are just too geeky for me. Derby #13 produced yet again NO shirts I would buy. All the ones I would have bought were ones that were a little further down in voting and had NO video game references.