Derby #14: Nutrition

or giant red moons… :frowning:

What about red moon pi?

This theme has a lot of potential. I can’t wait to see the entries

Ahhh, nutrition?
This’ll be good to see what people can come up with.

SADLY! Disappointed by derby#13 :(.

I wore mine yesterday too Pyrin!

Shouldn’t have gone in expecting much, I mean it is a derby aimed at once a year type shirts and it is a bit too late to be ordering them.

That means you should be buying those losing shirts directly from the artists after the 60 days are up. has those cataloged for you…

I’m really hating this theme right now… I got nothing. :-\

And on today’s Pensketch shirt (which I am very upset I wasn’t home to buy), Woot is making it very clear that they are NOT making concessions to make sure we get the shirts in time for Halloween…we have to shell out the extra $5 for shipping. They should have had the Halloween Derby LAST week.

Not true…just pay the extra $5 you’ll have it on time.

what I want to know is…

If you are what you eat, why aren’t zombies smarter?

I really appreciate what you are doing with BestLosers but I am on a fixed income and won’t spend (est.) $20 (with tax and shipping) for tshirts although there are some I would really like to have. Just can’t afford to with all the ones I like. And most won’t pursue it.

does it have a big puckerin’ pair of lips?
got my vote!

Already got mine done! Yessssss fistpump

Can’t argue with that unfortunately. Probably closer to $15 out the door if they’re using GoodStorm but can’t compete with Woot.

Looking forward to seeing what everyone comes up with for this theme. Should be a wide array of entries!

Yay! And I just now got my other two shirts, so I can send them off to my friend in Japan. X3 Awesome~

Now to think of ideas for this bizarro theme. ._.

Gah, I think we’ll be seeing lots of couch potatoes and other anthropomorphic vegetables this derby. Lots of ‘you are what you eat’ themes.

I’ve got no good ideas yet.

But what quality tee does Goodstorm use? Are they American Apparel shirts?

Although, if they’d had the derby last week there’s still a good chance that people would have had to shell out the extra $5 to be sure to get it by Halloween. It would really suck to gamble on SmartPost and have your shirt arrive a day or two late.

I’m sorry you missed getting my shirt, and was actually shocked as hell when I woke up and my girlfriend told me it had sold out. I was convinced it would sell under 500.