Derby #140 (Things That Start With The Letter S): Honorable Mentions


Yay for the Siameses and Sunsplash! Great lineup of HMs!

Tanks. Tanks Guys.

For this post at least, “Double Take” should be “Second Sight”. :wink:


Ooohhh thanks!

Aside from the annoying anti-awesome alliteration…

Great picks this week! :smiley: I’m so glad to see smokestacks up there and the others are great, too! :slight_smile:

What? I hate to say it, but this is the most disappointing set of honorable mentions I’ve seen to date. Not for what was included (congrats to those that made the cut) but for what was ignored.

Where is Superhero Stegosaurus Saves the Species?

And how could they leave out sentience?

I suppose I can only hope that after the 90 days are up, Sokowa and rglee / edgar will take their designs somewhere else…


Maybe Woot is actually trying to do these artists a favour. The sad fact is, both of these pieces are simply too good to print here. Even in a double-take derby, the likelihood of them receiving enough votes from among the masses to receive a print is slim to none.

Rather than making these artists wait for a double-take they stand no chance of winning, Woot may be letting them off the hook after the required 90 days to take these designs somewhere where people DO know what great designs look like?

At least, this is what I always tell myself when designs I really love fail to be recognized with HMs or ECs …

haha. Maybe . .maybe. I just don’t think they like em. But I’ll take any explanation :slight_smile:

Grats to the choices few though. . . .

I am just amazed that “Struggling Songbird” didn’t make it.

yay sunsplash!

Thanks for the shout out Woot crew!

Alliteration always achieves awesomeness.

Happy to see Sunsplash.


Would I be correct in assuming that the woot staff picks the HM’s and it isn’t done by votes? I’m a bit confused on this.

You are correct. The picks are entirely up to Woot; votes don’t mean squat.