Derby #141 (Classic Comics Style): Honorable Mentions


Congrats to all the HMs! They are all well deserved!

this is awesome! thanks so much! my first HM! yay! :slight_smile:

Sweet! Those are some great designs (especially mine)

Woo-hoo! My very first HM.
Thanks Woot!

Very nice choices. The next double-take derby is going to be crazy.

Hahaha such humility… but I agree :wink:

Really good choices, woot!

I was being humble by giving the other designs props.

Woot, you’re getting good at the whole timely HM response. Thanks, big guys and gals.

kaseyfleming didn’t even get a nod?!?

hopes there will be a surprise editor’s pick

And yay happiness for all the ones who managed to get an HM. I suppose. grumble grumble

:smiley: Thanks so much woot! And congrats everyone:)

Congrats SubBass49!

I second that - What the falafel?!?!?

Yeah. w t f?


Congrats to all the HM’s (nice picks). Also thanks woot!

It’s outrageous!

Woo! my second HM! so glad to be noticed…

Congrats to the recipients!

I do wonder though why some other seriously excellent designs were overlooked again. Especially SAVAGE FANTASY


I would almost guarantee that CD and Drakxxx could get that sold to any number of indie clothing lines. I don’t know if it’s a great fit for many contest or similar sites, but I am always seeing indie lines with stuff like that but worse.