Derby #142 (Classic Literature Mashup): Honorable Mentions


What a great derby this was. I love the Morte d arthur piece, very invoking!

Holy poopsnakes. I’m shocked to find myself included in such good company!

Congrats to all of these designers. I’m particularly pleased to see lucky’s mashup, jewelwing’s cities shirt getting another chance, and I’m glad that all of DianaSprinkle’s hard work paid off (this was my fave version, DS!)

Thankyou Woot!


Ooh some nice picks (better than last derby’s, at any rate :confused: ) Although I was hoping to see this one as well…

Congrats everyone!

Spiritgreen - is this your first HM? Big congrats!

Very happy to see DianaSprinkle’s, sooo charming and great!

Thanks jasneko! It’s actually my third one now. I’ve been very lucky. :^)

The quality was just so high this derby that I had zero expectations of seeing my entry here.

Oh awesome! Lots of my favorite shirts from the last derby got Honorable Mention. Thanks woot. It’s good to see KaseyFleming, Spirtgreen, Joaolauro and Lucky1988. Congratulations everyone.

Thanks shirtwoot and congrats to all the HM’s!

good shirts! :slight_smile: congrats to everyone!