Derby #143 (Earth Day): Honorable Mentions


Yes! A very deserving HM for radiomode.

And congrats to everyone. :^)

Great picks this week! :smiley: Congrats!

Oh, and just when is the next double-take? I always lose track… ^_^;

Probably some time in May, though the last one ran late, so it could be early june.

Oh, that’s not so far as I thought! Thanks!

Geez, I never even saw the “It’s a Matter Of Balance” one in the derby. I would’ve totally voted for that! That’s my problem with the derbies if you ask me. Once a shirt design gets into the Fog (like on Friday afternoon) it rarely gets bumped out since it seems the majority of voters only sort throught the fog entries…

Nice picks!

Congrats to all the HM’s. Thanks woot.


congrats to all who made it in, but how did littleclyde’s “hand me the world” not get a mention?

dammit all to hell. (off to pout by myself)

EcoCar was by far my favourite. Congrats on the HM!