Derby #144 (How Do They Work?): Honorable Mentions

Well it sucks that the “How Books Are Made” wont be back for a second chance. I will keep the ones that wanted to buy this shirt posted when it is for sale. Thanks again for everyones support for that shirt!

I was just about to post how disappointed I was when “How Books Are Made” didn’t get chosen when I saw this message. Please do keep us informed! I want one soooo bad!

Whooo for ncheremnykh!!! I’ll definitely be voting for that one again and hope for a print! ^_^/

I’m sad not to see SnowQueen’s Neptune/Poseidon shirt, that was a heck of a design.

The quality was so high though! All of these HMs are very deserving. Congrats. :^)

Congrats to the HM’s (nice selections). Also thanks to woot too.

Congrats to every1. It looks like everything Lucky makes either gets printed or HMed. Congrats man!

I’m also really disappointed that it wasn’t chosen for an honorable mention…don’t know why, either. Seemed like a favorite to me, it got close up to the fog really fast. Guess I’ll be buying that shirt elsewhere. Your loss, Woot.

I second that - very disappointing. I was sure the Queen would get a nod.


Congrats on the HM! I’m looking forward to voting for this come next 2nd Chance Derby.

Thanks Woot!
And congrats to the other HMers!

I am very sad that neither the slinky nor TruffleShuffle’s monsters made HMs. Okay, I was really sad that neither printed; now my hope is just crushed.

How long do I have to wait before I put a shirt up for sale?