Derby #145 (Spring): Honorable Mentions


This was a surprising derby! So many favorites and while I understand woot tries to get in lesser known artists (or, at least, I hope that is truly the reasoning behind HMs) I’m sad to see a few shirts didn’t even make an HM.

On a personal favorite note: woo brockart! :slight_smile:

Here’s hoping that “TRANSFORMATION” has a better showing in the second chance derby.

What a striking example of parody done oh-so-right.

I could write a pretty long list of people who I was hoping to see up in here, … so I will:

odysseyroc’s sunny boom box, bassanimation (snuggly critters!), lucky for his grouch shirt, walmazan, BootsBoots (what the bark?), graffd02 (awesome hungry robin), tgentry getting musical, tyh, jewelwing… fablefire!

It was a very eclectic and strong derby.

But what are you going to do? All these HMs are very worthy too!

Congrats to the Honorably Mentioned

Thanks Draug! I’m shocked that I got in here at all, let alone twice!

Thanks Woot!

wow, all these + HMs, What they voted for? very boring Sakura sauce and crappy Penguins.

wow… I am completely awed that my “Very Hungry Robin” was left out of this group of HMs… that coupled with the shirts that did print might be enough to make me just say enough to Woot, and move elsewhere, I’m tired of wasting my time and effort and not being noticed, nor appreciated… does anyone else feel like this or am I alone in this?

To be honest, my sister and I are really disappointed that our turtle shirt didn’t get picked for this, especially since it seemed to attract so much attention and is currently our top voted entry.

However, there are a few other entries that didn’t make it into the fog or get an Honorable Mention that I feel would have deserved it, and I can’t really point out a single one of these and feel right in saying “we were better than that!” There’s just a lot of really good competition to get through, and you never know what woot is looking for.

Despite the lack of winning, or getting honorably mentioned, it’s still a great way to get feedback on our work and that’s been really helpful. :slight_smile:

Thanks SG, I was really hoping for an HM with my 2 Scoops of Funk design. Ah well, congrats to those that snagged HMs this time around. Good work!

Gratitude to the Woot team for the HM. I definately came into the comp hoping to rank higher, but recognition like this has been really appreciated knowing there were so many other entries with more votes. It really has highlighted the idiosyncracies of the process. The feedback and design experience have been what made it worthwhile. I can be sure that next time will be diffent again, whatever the outcome.

Keep up your spirits. Yours was the one shirt I knew I would buy if it would have won, Loved your design.

I am so glad alexmdc got an HM. That is one awesome illo!

Yay joaolauro got an honorable mention! That was the best shirt of the derby…

Great HMs guys! Two of my absolute faves are up there, plus other great designs that I liked very much. :smiley: I swear, someday I want that Alexmdc doggy on my body! Great job to the artists!

Personally, my hope is that the reasoning behind HMs is to give the best shirts a chance when they’re inevitably left in the cold, no matter who the artist is. But enough weeks go by with terrible HMs from totally undeserving artists that I doubt that’s 100% true. The fact is that some artists deserve to be lesser known forever (I’m personally thrilled when artists who complain about not winning or HMing continue to not win or HM. O sense of entitlement, you make ugly shirts uglier).

And I do second your sidenote. Brockart’s piece was understated, yet charming. And the style really lent itself to the big print-size… it allowed the impact while having enough subtlety to not scare people off. At least, one presumes. This -is- woot, and basic aesthetics apply for nothing here.