Derby #148 (Déjà Vu): Honorable Mentions


Thanks Woot!

I don’t get the process they go through to determine what design gets an honorable mention. There were many shirts that I thought would most likely get one. Including: The Tiny Guardian, City Without Words: Jumped into a River and even the Goldfish One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish… Their choice of honorable mentions has been really disappointing over the past couple derbies…

Wonderful derby and wonderful HM’s! :slight_smile: I’m so happy to see amarillo up there with his awesome map although I wish city without words and the sanity duo had made it as well. le sigh

It’s kinda heartbreaking not to see Tiny Guardian here. Original, brilliantly drawn, a strong sense of character and story. I haven’t liked a shirt so much in a while. Bad Woot!

Congratulations to all of the HMs. :^)

nice mix

Thanks to those who liked the tiny mouse shirt ^^. I didn’t figure it would HM, as it’s not a very “Wooty” design. It was great fun though and I’m very proud it was able to make the top 10 with such stiff competition.

Good luck to the HMs for the next DT! I will be voting on quite a few of these again!

Yay, thanks woot for the Honorable Mention. That’s the image I spent the most time on so I’m glad it’ll have another chance. =D

I’m also happy to see that Maps and the MC Hammer shirt will be back. I really liked both of those.

I really liked Tiny Guardian as well… Cute - but not TOO cute - my husband wanted it:)


Thank you so much ^^. I’d actually like to do a set of images about the little mice ^^. Glad you enjoyed it!

Congrats to the HMs! I’m especially pleased to see amarillo’s Maps, because I really want to buy that one.

or just go all out. write a childrens story, publish it, let hollywood come along buy the rights to make it into a 3D animated movie and make BILLIONS!!! BWAH HA HA HA HA!!!

-Shudder- Hollywood… I don’t think cute mice can break into the impregnable fortress of donkulous that is modern cinema. Not enough sparkly virgin boys or Megan Fox… :\

BTW, your shirt was one of my super faves. I will be happy to vote for it in the double take!

Mouse Guard

if they ever do a 3D remake of this I am going to cry myself to sleep on a regular basis

This is one of my favorite movies!!

Uh oh. Hate to break it to you, but they are.
You might want to invest in some waterproof pillows.

Honey, I been tellin ya, cute mice kick A$$! hell, Mickey is a bazillion years old. Still think you could leverage this character into kids books, etc. And apparently, I’m not the only one. Nevertheless, bad Woot for no HM. this really deserved a nod.