Derby #149 (Psychedelia): Honorable Mentions


Yay for Magic Ride. Some excellent choices overall. Did Alexmdc take Tree Frog elsewhere? Because that’s the only reason I can fathom it didn’t get an HM.

Thanks for the HM, Woot!

I like that Lucky gets HMs almost every week. I hate that Walmazan gets ignored almost every week.

These are some of the best losers…er, HONORABLE MENTIONS…I’ve ever seen! I’d be in for several of them.

Some awesome choices here. I’m glad to see alex up there, but he should have gotten (at least) 2 HM’s for this one. I hope he takes Tree Frog elsewhere after the 60 days are up. Alex- keep us updated, buddy!
Really glad to see Lucky’s up there as well. Def my favorite Lucky design, ever.

You know, walz used to get HM’s pretty regularly. I think he’s just been getting less lately but he does still get them - he got one a couple of derbies ago for his Pinocchio design. But I hear ya… walz is one of my favorite artists here. He should be printing every week, IMO.

Wow, genuinely shocked that Tree Frog isn’t on the list. Nice picks otherwise though, I’m especially glad to see Omni mentioned!

Nyo treefrog. sigh

I am appalled that Magic Ride did not win. And I am ashamed to say that I did not check the derby… and was unable to vote for it.

My first HM! :smiley: Thanks, Woot!

I’m excited that Bucking Bronto got an HM :). Can’t wait to see that one in the next Double Take! <3

Wow, really surprised Tree Frog isn’t here…what a shame to not give it an honorable mention! Glad the unicorn made it though.

Woot seems to be allergic to shirts that came in 4th – I guess they figure HMs should be reserved for shirts that weren’t quite so popular.

There is no legitimate reason treefrog shouldn’t be printed tomorrow. Because anywhere from 1 to 3 of the tees that printed were not worthy of it based on the theme. One could say they were all on theme, but people also say 9/11 was a conspiracy.

simply put, tree frog was entirely robbed. That it’s not here underscores how much woot respects their contest, their artists, and basic human ethos. Which is not at all.

I’d say the best way to deal with it is as silently and resignedly as possible. If no one cares about what is wrong here, and no one says anything, that’ll definitely get the point across. Stop disenfranchising creativity, art, and diversity. Stop catering to the generic, overdone, ugly, off-theme, mass-slobbered-over trash. Or else we’ll, er, sit here and mope a little and then regain a doe-eyed optimism by next week! Then you’ll finally change, right?

Dissapointed. I wanted another chance at oddyseyroc’s Fish Taco’s shirt:(

other one shows up on my screen now. my computer must be going wonky.

Thanks vz. I’ll figure out what to do with it in 60 days. At the very least, I’ll put it in my redbubble shop.

aw its tragic man… i would have bought half of the shirts in the whole derby… and now they’re all gone :frowning: